Lost Days Episode 10[Final], kind of disappointing.

Lost Days Episode 10

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog you probably know that I’ve been following the drama Lost Days this season since it started airing and writing about it every so often. On the weekend the drama’s final episode(Day 10) aired and there was a lot of hype about the climax in the two episodes before it, even to the point where they weren’t showing any new footage in the previews after the closing credits. Unfortunately the last episode, at least in my eyes, didn’t live up to all the hype that was surrounding it. In my opinion it felt kind of rushed and I was a little disappointed by it. If you haven’t watched the last episode yet I suggest that you don’t keep reading because in the paragraphs after this one I’m going to talk about what happened and why I was disappointed with it. If you’ve already seen it or don’t want to watch it anyway feel free to keep reading on.

So a big part of this drama was the whole “Who Done It?” bit. Throughout the series you kept hearing about some serial murderer that was roaming around the area they were staying in and the way the drama was shot was very biased because it portrayed Wataru, Miki’s older brother, as being crazy(well I suppose he was actually crazy) and the most likely candidate out of all the people staying in the house in the woods to be the serial murderer. During Episode 10 you actually find out that Wataru isn’t the serial murder and that he didn’t kill Satsuki. Instead it was Rika who threw her off the cliff, and it probably would be more specifically manslaughter because you can see how surprised Rika is when she realises that Satsuki is actually dead after the fall. She threw her off the cliff because they got into an argument and she wasn’t able to control her anger any more. So yeah, she ends up regretting it and this cancels out Wataru’s involvement completely.

Lost Days Episode 10

Wataru also ends up leaving the house after Shino tells Miki that Wataru is actually in love with her. Wataru himself finally realises that his feelings towards his sister are unnatural and we’re also shown the painting that he keeps working on and quitting when he gets close to completion. They’re all portraits of himself without the face missing on and Mana deciphers this as being symbolic of the fact that Wataru doesn’t know who he is any more and is having serious identity issues. She also says that he used living through his sister(Miki) as a way of coping with those issues. Everyone also reads through Satsuki’s daily planner and they find out that Satsuki actually really liked and admired all of them but had trust issues and that’s why she kept doing things that conflicted with how she actually felt about everyone. I didn’t really understand this part at all and it just seemed like an explanation that was tacked on but oh well.

Lost Days Episode 10

After all the dust has settled they go to where Satsuki fell and put a coat over her dead body then pray for her. They all make a vow together that in a few years they’ll come back to the place where Satsuki died and make sure until then they live their lives as fully as they can for her sake. They don’t really make it obvious as to whether they are going to report her being dead or take Rika to the police, they just kind of leave the body there and do nothing. Wataru ended up returning the key to Shino’s car before he left so they get all their stuff together and leave in Shino’s car and after the credits there’s a final scene where you see a hitch-hiker’s hand go up in front of their car and it has obvious blood stains on it. That’s where the episode ends.

Lost Days Final

I think what disappointed me the most is how they made it look like Wataru could have been the murderer in the end but don’t make it obvious. It could have been anybody, it could have been a random person that they don’t even know. Pretty much everything is left up to your imagination and I think that kind of ending is good for some series but definitely not this one. They dragged everything out and generated a lot of hype for the climax and in the end left things off without a clear answer. Most series like this one end with you getting answers and that’s usually why you watch so I’m not sure what the writers and producers were thinking with this ending. It’s certainly nothing to be proud of. The only smart thing about it was the left it right until the very end for you to know you weren’t going to be given any clear resolution, which would have ensured ratings remained stable. Anyway if you feel the same way about this or if you have a completely different opinion or perspective of the Lost Days finale please make a comment below. The rest of the drama was great, it’s just this last episode that I didn’t really like.

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13 thoughts on “Lost Days Episode 10[Final], kind of disappointing.

  1. The way I interpreted the ending was that they were not going to report Satsuki’s death. After all, if they were going to do that, why not call the police right then? Instead, for whatever reason, they act as if no one is going to notice she’s not around anymore. Thus, they have all become complicit in her death, which is how they see themselves after having read her diary. When the hitchhiker/murderer appears at the very last moment of the last scene, with them stopping to give him a ride, it’s like saying it won’t matter–they are a car full of murderers.

    So, it leads to wondering what happens after that. Does the mass murderer kill them? It seems unlikely since he’d be rather constrained in the car. And who had he killed? Wataru had left by himself. It could be that he had a fatal run-in with him. Did picking up the murderer lead the police to questioning all of them? Is that what is going on in the previous episode–the story being told in bits and pieces to investigators?

    I guess I’m not disappointed because I expected the ending to be anticlimactic. I guess there could have been a blood bath as a crazed Shino finally offed each and every one of his unreliable friends. That would have been exciting! But this corruption of youthful hopes and innocence that the show ended with also seems valid to me.

    • Ahhhh I like how your idea of the series is that it’s being re-told to somebody. That would actually make a lot of sense with how there’s so many flashbacks and different angles. Could be all of them being questioned by somebody like the police or something if the body was ever discovered. I suppose whether or not they would have been killed by the mass murderer would depend on where they stopped the car and how visible the area was. If he had fresh blood on his gloves he might have been in a slaughtering mood haha. I think a part of everyone watching wanted to see a blood bath in the end but now I’ve read your perception of it I feel a little better about the ending that was shown.

  2. This series could have been very interesting.As soon I read the synopsis back when it started airing,I was like yeah it sounds like my type of drama.And this is the first drama I attempted to watch raw.
    The first 2-3 eps were okay as in settling the story and characters.They could have depicted more inner emotions and conflicts not with others but within themselves.I’m really disappointed how the story unfolded.

    • Did you end up watching this one all the way to the last episode or did you kind of get bored of it at the start? It did kind of drag on a little now that I think about it but it felt like a good kind of dragging out to me. Maybe that’s why I was so disappointed in the climax at first.

  3. I was also very disappointed. The diary’s reading makes absolutely no sense when you look at Satsuki’s past actions and the way she enjoyed destroying others’ happiness, blackmailing them, and bitching them, including how rude and evil she was to Mana and Rika.
    – The way Wataru left without any follow-up (he tried to strangle Satsuki in the house with many witnesses); and for which reason? because she saw a painting of him with no face? that’s ridiculous! if only it was a crime scene or something very disturbing or just ecchi or hentai, I would understand. But the faceless him makes absolutely no sense about why Satsuki would be so puzzled and Wataru would be so angry + What did he say to Rika in the living room? He was obviously manipulating and threatening a girl with a very weak character. My guess was that he asked her to admit the crime in his place. What would make more sense with the way he fled the house.
    – The way they abandoned the body, the way they did not call any doctor when Rika cut her wrists. It’s not like she didn’t lose any blood, she could have passed away, some hand nerves could have been damaged…
    – Everything was so illogical!
    + the hitch-hiker

    • I definitely agree with you about Satsuki, it really felt like that explanation was just tacked on by the writers(because they got lazy in the end or something). She really actually seemed to enjoy messing with other people. I think Wataru strangled her because he has some serious mental issues that he hasn’t dealt with. Still it does seem a little overboard for just some abstract painting of himself without a face. You just reminded me that they didn’t show what his last words to Rika were in the room when he was talking to her. Usually when he threatened her at other points you heard the conversations they were having, but not the last one. And yeah the wrist cutting thing also surprised me a lot, she looked like she had lost ALOT of blood. Enough to warrant dying and serious medical attention. That was another plot hole. I wanted to know more about the hitch hiker.

  4. I kind of felt cheated by this ending. So what, Wataru is only crazy man who just paints faceless self-portraits?
    This episode is so rushed. I actually wanted Miki to be the killer, she always seemed a little off to me^^ But when he obviously threatened Rinka, I thought it was Wataru who killed Satsuki and that he was going to make Rinka take the blame.
    And the way the writer is trying to quickly redeem Satsuki… She’s been a bitch to them all along, are we supposed to care about her trust issues especially when it’s strongly implied that she’s driven away all her classmates with her behaviour.
    And I agree with nekochan on Rinka’s suicide attempt. They don’t have a car but they have phones, so why don’t they call an ambulance? Considering the pool of blood next to her and the fact that it took forever for her friends to stop staring dumbly and start trying to stop the bleeding, she should be dead.

    About the serial killer, I wanted them to run into him earlier in the drama, it would have added to the tension. Anyway, overall this drama was entertaining except for this disappointing ending.

  5. This may sound awful, but considering the amount Satsuki harassed Rika, she had Rika’s mental snap coming. And so, in this case, the victim looks partially to blame.

    as for the rest of them, at least two are complicit since they knew about Satsuki’s body being there and they never acted or did anything. As soon as Miki and Shino had found it, they were supposed to call the police and an ambulance etc but they just left her there. I saw this raw, and it looks like they were protecting someone. Whether it was Rika or Wataru they thought of, they were involved in leaving the body as it was just to protect that other person.

    I think that hitchhiker will kill them all. Fine.

    • Yeah she definitely provoked her a lot, if I was in the same position I probably would’ve grown tired of it all way earlier. I wish there had been some scenes with the hitch hiker though. This drama kind of betrayed my expectations.

    • I’m not too sure but that’s a good question, I’ll do some research today and see if she’ll be in anything else soon.

  6. ikr..!! I watch the series because i thought it would be like friday the 13th or something.. like the killer thats on the loose will kill them one by one.. I admit their acting is good but the writers and the director are the one to blame.. and they killed miyoshi ayaka..!!!!!!!!!! that makes me hate them more..

    and for the final scene i think they’re all gonna die or there would be a season 2.. I hope..

  7. I felt so dissapointed with the ending. its like they are trying to implement the theme of youth trust and hope but none of that seems successfull to me. not to mention there’s a lot of plot hole. yeah it seems like these ‘friendship’ and ‘comrades’ thingy they always talk about prove to be nothing of value at the end. I mean for Shino who strictly believe that comrades should confide and have trust with each other, how could he have left Satsuki alone in his death there in the forest saying nothing to anyone ( not to mention reporting it to the police anyone?) just bcoz Miki told him to do so? WTFish. by the end of this episode I do think that Satsuki deserved to die eventhough the writer tried to redeem her character with the diary bits. I seriously think that the writer just pull out that diary stunt in the end because they run out of idea. I mean Satsuki is a real bitch deserving of every hate from me (as an audience) because just look at her action all throughout the series, she really did break them apart and causing turmoil among them, intention never justify an action, DUH…and to think that the writer make Rika as the murderer in the end. WTF writer! I mean she’s one of my favorite character in the series, yeah she did have her twisted side, but at least she seems genuine in her action and she did make impact to the stories (ahemm rather than the boring lead Miki…yeah2 fragile and innocent, you’re right, more like dumb to me, oblivious of her surrounding) anyway enough of the rambling, the stories does make me feel intrigued on watching them, that’s until the finale blew that off. I’m out. Thanks everyone.

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