Lost Days Episode 2 Recap.

Lost Days 2

I watched Episode 2 of Lost Days yesterday pretty much as soon as it got uploaded. I’ve gotta say that I’m really liking this drama, it’s just the right balance of school kid romance/spook. The only unfortunate thing is that nobody has been killed or injured(yet). Do I like watching people getting killed and injured? No, if it was a normal drama without a horror element I’d be pretty taken aback by it but you kind of expect it to happen with this kind of drama – or even worse you keep watching to see the demise of the characters.

In the last episode Rika kissed Natsu when they were in the room together with Satsuki, who they thought was passed out from drinking. The thing I still don’t understand about this is whether it was a “I like Natsu” kiss or a “I want to steal something from Miki” kiss. I’m putting my bets on the latter option. Rika keeps getting calls from the Hostess Club(I can only assume it’s a Hostess club, after all it’s called CLUB PARADISE) that she works at despite the fact that she’s already told her boss she’s on holiday and can’t work. On the flip side Miki has a lot of money, at least enough that she doesn’t have to work at a shady job, and she has her dream guy too. Miki tells Rika in the first episode that she has always been jealous of her but I think that might have just been talk, especially since Rika is so obviously jealous of her.

Lost Days 2

Oh and guess what? They almost kiss in the second episode again too. It’s actually the day of Natsu’s birthday in Episode 2 so they all say that they want to go see an art museum instead of go snowboarding and trick Natsu into going to snowboarding in a smaller group. While Wataru, Rika, Natsu and Satsuki are out snowboarding the other guys start preparing the house and the food for a surprise birthday party for Natsu. But Natsu gets bored of snowboarding really quickly and they end up having to buy time by trying to get him to go to an onsen afterwards. Wataru offers to take them to his favourite onsen in the area but when they get near there the road to the onsen is blocked with signs saying “DANGEROUS” and “ENTRY FORBIDDEN”. Satsuki and Wataru leave the car to see if the onsen is still up ahead and Satsuki sneakily leaves her phone in the car to record what happens between Natsu and Rika while she’s gone. Natsu ends up trying to kiss Rika but she doesn’t let him. Then he sweet talks her a bit and she falls for it, they go to kiss again and Satsuki and Wataru re-appear conveniently at this time.

Episode 2

In the end of the episode you see Satsuki retrieve her phone and listen to what happened between Natsu and Rika and she doesn’t seem all that surprised by it. A few seconds later you see Natsu receive an email on his phone from an unknown address and it’s blank but it has the same recording attached to it, which he listens to pretty much in the same room as everyone else(how would someone not notice this?). The camera doesn’t specifically show Satsuki sending the message to Natsu so it doesn’t rule out that it could actually be another person black-mailing Natsu but it also doesn’t rule out that it was Satsuki either, I guess she did take the recording on HER phone after all.


Oh I also really want to know what’s going on with Wataru’s studio. In Episode 1 he stops Yuta from going inside it during the black-out. Yuta tries to go into the studio again in this episode too but it’s locked so he can’t get in. Mana follows him and sees him trying to go into the studio and warns him that he shouldn’t try and do it again saying that what’s inside there is Wataru’s “World” and that everybody has their secrets they don’t want others to know about. It seems like this girl has some kind of weird connection with Wataru or maybe that she’s in on his plan or something. I guess it’s still a bit to early to know.

Lost Days Drama

Is anyone else watching this drama yet? Are there English subtitles out for it at the moment? If you have anything to share please go ahead and comment below.

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7 thoughts on “Lost Days Episode 2 Recap.

  1. I am watching this. I absolutely love it! I appreciate your synopsis, since my understanding of Japanese is so weak.

    In episode 2, after Satsuki listens to the message, she sends it to Yuta (Seto’s character). That sets up what we see in the preview for episode 3. Looks like from Day 3 on, the friends will become enemies. But I wonder why Satsuki decided to reveal these things to Yuta instead of to Miki. She must have her own little scheme.

    Mana is the most mysterious to me. I don’t understand her relationship to Wataru at all. And doesn’t Satsuki also have a thing for Wataru? Does Wataru like either one of them?

    Yuta is the easiest to understand. He’s in love with Miki, not in love with Rika, best friends with Natsu, and trying to accept that he isn’t going to have the kind of relationships he had dreamed of. It will be nice seeing how everything he has been keeping inside comes boiling out.

    • No problem aha I have no problems understanding the dialog but clearly have issues concentrating on what’s actually happening visually. I don’t know why I thought she sent it to Natsu, I think I watched it a day before I wrote this so maybe that’s why. Yeah things look like they’re really gunna fire up between everybody especially Natsu and Yuta I saw them fighting in the preview for the next episode.

      Not really sure about Mana but like I said I think she might be in on whatever is going on with Wataru. I don’t think Wataru likes either of them I think he has feelings for Miki maybe. Wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled that kind of plot twist on us.

      Yuta is definitely the only character that is normal atleast in my eyes. I saw for a split second in the preview Wataru was scolding him about being too naive or too nice. Should be interesting to see what happens next episode haha.

  2. I’m so loving this drama.But I really can’t understand much with no subtitles ;_;.
    The friends are all mysterious with hidden desires and all.
    Above all that I can’t understand that why was Natsu trying to kiss Rika?Isn’t he going out with Mika because he likes her?
    And yeah I don’t understand the reason behind Club paradise calls on Rika’s cellphone?We get the idea that she is working there but are they just showing us the differences between the monetary status of friends

  3. Did you see that someone is subbing this now? She’s posting the link for her subs at d-addicts and at her lj. I’m so grateful!

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