Lost Days Episode 4.

Episode 4

I didn’t end up writing about Episode 3 of Lost Days but that’s probably because I was really hungover last Sunday and didn’t end up watching it until like Wednesday last week or something. I didn’t drink at all this weekend(and I hope not to again for awhile) so I had plenty of time to watch drama this morning when I woke up. Episode 4 of Lost Days was pretty interesting, and that was mostly because the house in the woods is starting to be ripped at the seams and everyone inside it is starting to clash. Keep reading if you want to know what I mean.

In Episode 3 Natsu and Shino got into a fight because Shino accused Natsu of cheating on Miki and showed him the photos of them hugging and the recording that he was sent by somebody. Natsu said it had nothing to do with Shino so Shino smacked him in the face. In Episode 4 they make up with each other and Natsu lies to Shino, telling him that he isn’t cheating on Miki with Rika. Shino also tells Natsu that he didn’t take the recording or the photo himself and that it was sent to him by somebody else. Natsu realises that the only person who could have possibly taken the audio recording is Satsuki because she was in the car with them on that day(Wataru should also have been a suspect but nevermind, Natsu’s character is pretty stupid).

Lost Days

This causes Natsu and Shino to confront Satsuki about the recording and the photos. She gets really pissed off by the accusations and insists that it wasn’t her who did it. She also got confronted by Rika earlier in the episode, who was secretly looking through Satsuki’s phone. Satsuki keeps insisting to everybody that it wasn’t her who sent the files around but no one will believe her and she gets pretty upset about it. She asks Wataru what she should do and he tells her to do what she believes is right personally. So she ends up showing the recording to Miki in front of everyone and tells Miki that she saw Rika and Natsu kiss(at the end of Episode 1).

Episode 4

Miki is furious about being cheated on by Natsu, especially because he did it with one of her best friends. She rushes up to her bedroom and everyone else is in a really tense mood downstairs. Mana decides to go up and check on Miki but when she does she finds out that the bedroom is empty and Miki has gone somewhere. Wataru, Natsu and Shino run out to search for Miki but they can’t find her and its getting really dark. Wataru and Natsu are searching together and they hit a fork so Wataru suggests they split up. Natsu finds a small wooden cottage(I think it was a cottage?) on his route and steps inside it looking for Miki. While he’s in there Wataru is outside and locks the door on him, trapping him in there. And that was it for Episode 4.


I’m really curious about what kind of relationship Mana and Wataru have because when Satsuki came to ask him for advice he was inside his studio. He stepped outside and closed the door, talked to her and then went back in and Mana was already inside there with him. I don’t think anybody apart from Mana has actually been inside his studio so far so I wonder if they’re dating each other or maybe they’re working together on turning everybody against each other. I also wonder who sent the recordings and photos. Satsuki keeps saying that it wasn’t her so maybe she’s telling the truth and it was actually Wataru? But how would he get the files? Maybe he went through her phone. Anyone else on the edge of their seat waiting to see what happens next in this drama?

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  1. At the end of this episode, my heart was pounding! Satsuki seems to me to be one of the worst kinds of people. However, Wataru definitely gives her competition for the prize of horrible human being. They really seem fit for each other. I can’t understand the relationship that Mana has with Wataru. At first, I thought she was manipulating people too, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. There must be some secret that binds her to him.

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