Lost Days Episode 5.

Lost Days

I haven’t been posting recaps as much as I did last month but I’ll try and keep up with them as much as time permits me to. I just have less time to write now because more of my time is being taken up by subbing so I guess I just need to strike a balance between the two. Anyway, Lost Days is finally starting to get really interesting from this week. I liked it before as well but up until Episode 5 it felt like watching was just an extended period of anticipation for when the real guts of the drama would start to show. What am I talking about specifically? The serial murderer, of course.

In Episode 4 Miki finally finds out about Natsu and Rika cheating. She’s pretty upset about it and runs off into the woods so Shino, Wataru and Natsu go to search for her. Wataru and Natsu split from Shino and then after that Wataru and Natsu split at a cross-road. Wataru secretly tails Natsu and locks him in a hut inside the woods. In Episode 5 Wataru manages to find Miki and the episode starts just as he has brought her back to the house. He seems really, really worried about her. There are a few flashbacks of Shino seeing the moment that Wataru finds Miki and how he reacts and its all kind of disgusting and over-dramatic really. I think this was another well-conveyed hint that Wataru has romantic feelings for his sister, rather than platonic feelings.

Episode 5

Well what about Natsu? He doesn’t end up dying. Mana goes to talk to Wataru about what happened and he says he has no idea where Natsu is but she suspects that maybe he actually did something to Natsu and then she remembers the hut from her childhood when she came on holidays with Miki and Wataru’s family. Against Wataru’s wishes she takes Shino to the hut and they manage to rescue Natsu before he ends up freezing to death. He tells everyone that the wind must have blown the door and locked him in but when him and Shino are alone together he confesses that someone actually locked him in from the outside. Suspect number one in his mind is Wataru. His suspicions about this are confirmed when he bumps into Wataru alone in a hallway in the house and is threatened up close and personally.

Lost Days

The plan was that they would leave the house on that day too. But Miki is still upset about the cheating and says that she doesn’t want to leave. Wataru offers to take her back himself on another day and tells the others that they can go without her. Despite this they all try to convince her to come back with them. Rika eventually confesses to her that she doesn’t like Natsu and instead has feelings for Shino but has been rejected before. For some reason Miki feels relieved about this(though I’m not sure how this changes what happened at all?) and says that she’ll return with everyone else. Wataru acts cool about this but clearly is not cool about it at all and when the group goes to leave Shino realises that the keys to his car have disappeared which essentially leaves them stranded in the house in the woods.


No one has been killed yet but right at the end of the episode Wataru loses his shit and starts stabbing a painting that he’s in the middle of doing with a knife. I’m guessing that if a blood bath is going to happen it should be pretty soon. I also don’t understand why they just don’t ask Wataru to use his car, I mean he probably wouldn’t let them for obvious reasons but then it would be evidence to the rest of the group that he’s suspicious. The last two questions on my mind are whether or not Wataru and Mana are dating(it’s starting to seem that way) and whether or not Wataru is the serial killer that’s on the news all the time. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series. If you have any thoughts about it please feel free to comment below.

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One thought on “Lost Days Episode 5.

  1. Yes! Disgusting is the word for Wataru’s behavior toward Miki. His hate for Natsu is completely too much.

    I wondered about Wataru’s car also. Maybe they don’t trust him enough now to be in the same car with him? Or is it because it only seats 4 people? Or maybe they really need to get Shino’s car back? If they leave it there, how would they retrieve it? If it was me, I would also probably stay and keep looking for the key or wait until I receive a new key.

    It looks like Satsuki has finally managed to take Mana’s place with Wataru. The two monsters are together. At least everyone now knows better what kind of person Satsuki is. Though Mana knows the most; I guess Mana doesn’t gossip much even though she is good at gathering gossip. She seems the only one that knows about Satsuki’s relationship with her year-mates. And the others still don’t seem to realize how little Satsuki can be trusted. Rinka leaving her phone unlocked and unattended with Satsuki was really foolish!

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