Lost Days Episode 6, recap and thoughts.

Lost Days

I don’t know when it’s actually going to happen but Lost Days is getting closer and closer to reaching some kind of climax. I’m not really sure whether it’s going to be a mini climax or a full climax but things are definitely building up to something in the house in the woods. Yesterday I was able to watch Episode 6 and everything that occurred during the last 5 episodes between all the characters is starting to make sense. Whether anyone is going to be murdered or not is still somewhat of a mystery though. Keep reading if you want to hear more about what happened and what I thought of Episode 6.

In Episode 5 the keys to Shino’s car suddenly disappeared which left everybody stranded in the house. Coincidentally the keys only disappeared when Miki decided to forgive Rika and Natsu for what they did and go home with everybody else. Of course when this happened Shino and Natsu immediately suspected that Wataru was the one who hid the keys. In a strange turn of events Rika decides that she needs to go back to town so she can go to her part-time job again, because she’s been receiving a lot of calls from the boss there after Satsuki pretended to be her on the phone and said that she could work when it was impossible. Because Wataru is the only one with a car that has keys at the time Miki asks him to take Rika to the nearest train station so she can go back and sort things out at her work. He initially agrees to this and leaves the house to take her there in his car.

Episode 6

Shino and Natsu use this as an opportunity to search Wataru’s studio. Natsu manages to pick the lock to the door of it and when they get inside there’s a lot of weird stuff in there. They’re unable to find the car keys that they initially went in there to get but there’s a lot of other suspicious things lying around. Lots of weird puppets and what look like stage props, or even unfinished paintings. They also find a device that Wataru had been using to listen in on everybody in the house, I think it was some kind of radio that had been connected to bugs in the walls in different rooms. There’s also a bunch of CDs that are all cataloged with number indexes and the letter M. Shino manages to grab one of these. He didn’t listen to it in Episode 6 but I guess it was probably a recording of the conversations he’d been listening in on or maybe they’re recordings of Miki’s conversations…That would explain the M. There were also all these photos from when Wataru and Miki were children and Wataru is hugging her and kissing her cheek in them. It’s creepy.

Episode 6

During the drive to the train station Wataru stops the car and tells Rika he knows all about her lying about her job to everyone. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to go home yet and that if she doesn’t come back to the house with him he’ll tell everyone about her secret. She agrees to this, but I’m not really sure why. He’s obviously planning something and can’t be trusted so is listening to him really worth your friends not knowing you work at a hostess club? Not in my opinion. So anyway they head back and Wataru gets home way earlier than Shino and Natsu expected. They fumble around a lot and finally find hiding places before Wataru gets back. Wataru almost catches Shino because he hid in a wardrobe in Wataru’s studio but just as he’s about to open it Mana comes into the room and her and Wataru start hugging each other. Afterwards Wataru leaves the room and Shino uses the opportunity to get out but Wataru is actually hiding in another room outside waiting he sees Shino walk out of his studio.

Lost Days

Later in the episode Wataru makes it clear to Mana that he is going to dump her for Satsuki too so that adds a whole new layer of complexity to the relationships in the house. This makes Mana hate Satsuki, so pretty much everyone in the house hates everyone else now. During dinner Natsu confronts Mana about her and Wataru being an item and she gets really mad about the accusations. Then everyone starts blaming each other for this and that and it all ends with Mana storming off. The episode ends with Shino going into Wataru’s studio and confronting him, telling Wataru that he won’t let him mess with everyone’s heads anymore.


Lost Days

I think the only innocent characters in this drama are Shino and Miki. Everyone else has some kind of secret to hide. Shino still has a secret, that he likes Miki, but it’s not causing anyone else any trouble – and it’s not really a bad secret either. Miki is probably still innocent because she has no grasp on what is going on around her and she’s the only person who is guaranteed not to be messed with by Wataru because he is very obviously in love with her. Nothing in the drama so far has said they are blood-related so maybe what’s going on between them won’t border on incest but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out they actually are blood-related towards the end of the drama. Lost Days is definitely interesting but I hope something big happens in the next episode because I’m starting to feel like things are getting dragged out a little. I’m glad Shino finally confronted Wataru because it’s a sign of what’s to come. I’ll be waiting patiently for Episode 7 this week.

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7 thoughts on “Lost Days Episode 6, recap and thoughts.

  1. I’m really glad that events are taking as long to climax as they are. I was worried they’d rush things and then we’d be left with a traditional who-done-it. The way the tension has been building up seems naturally paced. I only wonder if the murder will take place as early as episode 8 or if it will be held off until episode 10.

    I’m also beginning to think that Shino might be the murderer. We’ve seen that he can get violent when he thinks he’s acting righteously. I wonder if he might kill in fury?

    I can understand why Rika agreed to go back. It’s not like Wataru only threatened to reveal her secret. He also physically accosted her, apparently hurting her when he did so. Disagreeing with an angry male who can’t be trusted, in an isolated situation, is a good way to get yourself killed. I don’t see that she really had a choice.

    • Yeah I guess the fact it’s going slowly is better than if it were going really fast and it all happened in the first 3 episodes. I do kind of feel like they could have reached a more happy medium though. Maybe it’ll be held off until Episode 10?

      Ahhhh I’m not too sure about Shino being the murderer. You’re right he did get really violent suddenly that time but they saw the report about the murderer when they were snowboarding before they had even got to the house so. That would be a pretty cool twist though.

      Yeah now I think about it he was grabbing her arm in the car and being really forceful so it makes sense on reflection but if it was me I would have told everyone what he did to me in the car when I got back and he wasn’t around. I’m not female though so maybe he’s more intimidating to her because of the difference in strength they have. Makes me laugh about how badly Natsu got shut down by him in the laundry room in the episode before. He was like almost crying.

  2. I dont know why I haven’t read this blog yet but I am glad I did. I am enjoying Lost Days as you are and I do love this series so much. Renn (wataru) is my bias so I am happy with the way he is playing his role as the creepy wataru.

    Anyway, Shino is the protagonist and he seems to be the good guy. I am thinking that he can’t be the killer (unless he did so accidentally) he is the one who really catalyzes the story and yeah…

    I think though, Mana has enough motive to be the murderer. What do you think?

    • Yeah I think you’re definitely onto something with Mana she’s been acting really creepy in the last couple of episodes and she seems pretty hysteric about getting dumped. Yeah I don’t think Shino will be the murderer either I just think it’d be a really interesting twist. Mana is a pretty good twist too just not as extreme.

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  4. Actually Rinka’s working in a hostess club doesn’t hurt anyone else. As for the stuff with Natsu, that’s all been pushed out into the open now and they’re not continuing, so I feel like she is being bothered for nothing.

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