Lost Days Episode 7.

Lost Days

This isn’t going to be a really long post like most of the other ones I make about an episode after I watch it, but I just wanted to write down something pretty obvious that I thought while watching Episode 7 of Lost Days this morning. Wow Wataru is a player. From the start of Lost Days he’s had some kind of unspoken control over the girls that are around him and it’s really reaching all new levels now that the drama is getting closer and closer to it’s final climax. I think when the drama first started it looked like the only girl that was interested in him was Satsuki, and it mostly seemed like that all she really cared about was the fact that he’s good looking.

But as things kept progressing we later started to find out that Satsuki wasn’t the the only one interested in him. Mana was too. She was pretty much being made to do all of Wataru’s dirty work for him but there were some parts where she had inner-morale conflicts and got in the way of what he was doing. A good example of this would be when he locked Natsu in the hut out in the woods and Mana found out about it, which then lead her to going and saving Natsu from freezing to death in it. When she started doing stuff like this Wataru didn’t seem very happy about it so he started being mean to her and then eventually dumping her for Satsuki who he now has around his finger too.

Episode 7

Lost Days

Episode 7 did however show that Mana is definitely not over Wataru at all. I’m actually kind of starting to suspect that she may be the murderer. There was a scene in the latest episode where Mana and Miki go for a walk together to talk about the relationship Mana was having with Wataru and her feelings for him. Mana suddenly started going on about how Wataru would always be out of her reach because he liked someone else and that she wished that the person Wataru is in love with would die. She didn’t name anybody and I think Miki is still kind of oblivious to it but everyone who has seen the drama so far would know that Wataru actually has a crush on Miki(who also happens to be his sister). I think the only other logical outcome would be for Wataru to be the murderer but that seems way too typical. It’d be cool if they really twisted it around and made Shino or Natsu the murderer but I think the chances of that are pretty slim considering that they heard about the murderer on TV before they even got to the house in the woods. That’s why I think Mana is probably the most likely candidate, she was already kind of dating Wataru for awhile and now she’s making fleeting comments about people dying and killing them which is a huge red flag in my book.

Lost Days

The other girl that Wataru is controlling at the moment is Rika. I don’t think that she’s developed any feelings for Wataru but she seems to be doing pretty much everything that he tells her to. In Episode 7 she tried to tell Shino about Wataru threatening her twice but was interrupted. At the end of Episode 7 she actually calls Shino outside the house to talk to him(because they eventually find out that Wataru has bugs in the house) about it but they end up having a fight with each other and get distracted from the original purpose of the conversation.

Lost DaysI’m not sure how many episodes that this drama will have, I’m guessing 11 or 12 like most regular dramas. We’ll be on Episode 8 next week so we must be getting pretty close to finding out who the murderer is. I saw some of the preview for Episode 8 and it looks like a lot of major things are going to happen in it, plus it was labelled “shocking Episode 8!” so I’m at least hoping that the scriptwriters have something up their sleeves to keep us entertained and wanting more. I’m also praying that they have some kind of huge twist in store for who the murderer is. I don’t want this to end with just Wataru being the murderer, that would be way too simple and boring.

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  1. Yeah I agree. I want a twist in the story though I am enjoying it too. Mana seems to really be my candidate for the murders and I am really looking forward to seeing this “Shocking ” 8th episode

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