Lotteria burgers are massive.

Lotteria Burgers

From 9/24 Lotteria in Japan is going to be running a campaign for two varieties of Tower Burgers, one with Fried Prawn and another normal Cheeseburger with beef. Both of the burgers are going to sell for 500 yen and both are layered with 5 patties of their respective meats. The catch is that you can only get them for 500 yen on specific days of the campaign,  you can still buy them on days aside from these but they’ll attract the normal full price(700 yen for the Fried Prawn Burger and 1360 yen for the Cheesburger). Seems like a great deal right? Well not everything as it seems.

According to a lot of people commenting on the original Japanese article the real thing looks substantially different from what you get when you actually buy it – just like Burger King! Unforuntately I couldn’t find any customer-uploaded images of the Fried Prawn tower burger but here are some photos I managed to find of the burger from one of the last campaigns which was almost identical to the Cheese tower burger:

Real BurgerReal Lotteria Burger 2Real Lotteria Burger 3

The last one doesn’t actually look too bad. I’d probably eat it, the cheese is just a little rank. Oh by the way, this thing packs around 2071 calories you can pretty much get your whole days worth of calories in this one item. It surprises me how most Japanese people remain so thin considering some of the ridiculous stuff they have on sale over there – especially at fast food places. Don’t even get me started on Japanese pizza(I’d need an entire post for it trust me).

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