Makai Ouji Game System/Story Details.

So yesterday some information regarding the game system and story for Makai Ouji Devils and Realist Dairi Ou no Hihou , set for its actual release on 9/26 for 3DS, was released. Bandai Namco Games is handling the release of the game, which also has an anime version. In the game you play as the same main character in the anime: William, and you progress through the story through his eyes. As you play a lot forks in the road(or choices) appear – and your the choices you make have consequences on the ending you receive once you clear the game.

So yeah, you play the game through William’s eyes and depending on the choices you make your Realist Level or your Support Level(as king) rise and fall. So if all you care about is money and you make choices in that direction your Realist Level rise, but if you co-operate with the other devils and their impression of you improves your Support Level rises. So you have the choice to make your ties with the devils stronger or just be a money grubber and your ending is largely based on those choices. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

Makai Ouji 1

Makai Ouji 2

Makai Ouji 3Makai Ouji 4


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