Old Man in Sailor Uniform gets reported to Police.


Some of you may or may not know that in Tokyo’s Shinjuku there is an old man who is famous for dressing female, Sailor-style school uniforms. I’ve personally seen pictures of him circulating around the internet but I thought that maybe it was a one off kind of thing, boy was I wrong. It’s actually quite a regular occurrence for him. Despite the fact he is essentially cross-dressing almost everyday he is apparently quite a nice person and even has somewhat of a fan following. People even go find him to take photos with him. So as you can imagine, a lot of Japanese people were surprised and even enraged yesterday when they found out that someone he had taken photos with reported him to the police.

The reporter was a High School student, who uploaded photos of them together along with the tweet “I found a huge weirdo today”/「やばいやつおったわ」. He then waited for the police to come after making the phone-report and took photos of the old man being questioned and himself giving a thumbs-up sign, and made another tweet saying “I made sure I reported him after” or 「しっかり通報しました。」. The tweets made their way around Twitter pretty fast and the High Schooler was pretty heavily criticised by a few of the old man’s fans. Some even commented that it wouldn’t be such a big deal if he had been reported by an innocent bystander that didn’t know much about the old man but the fact that the High School student knew all about him and still made the report anyway after taking photos with him was extremely underhanded and enraging.

Twitter Photo

But it turns out that no big trouble came of it according to the old man himself. He made a tweet yesterday after he got home about how surprised he was that it had all been made such a fuss of on Twitter and also said that he was only questioned for a couple of minutes by the police, they apparently didn’t even ask for his name in the end. They just told him to be careful when he was crossing roads and let him go. He himself even said that he doesn’t care about the incident at all, so I’m guessing that he might be used to this kind of treatment from people, which kind of makes me feel sad to be honest.

I personally don’t really care what other people want to do with their time, or how they want to live their lives. If they can do what they want to without creating a disturbance to others around them, I’m completely fine with it. I know the culprit was still a High School student, and that is probably the age where you are the most critical of people that are ‘different’ – especially if you live in a country like Japan were there’s a saying that “the nail that sticks out gets hit”. That being said, it’s kind of disappointing to know that there are still people around who are so discriminative and look down on others even though they’ve done nothing wrong. Anyone else have something to say? Go ahead and comment below!

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One thought on “Old Man in Sailor Uniform gets reported to Police.

  1. I think it’s pretty underhanded for anyone to do that, in any society. As for the old man himself, if he isn’t causing any actual trouble aside from being a visual distraction, I don’t see why not. He seems a happy sort, from the photo posted above.

    Thanks for sharing. Your posts are always interesting. 🙂

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