Maruho no Onna: Hoken Hanzai Chousain.


I think I’m getting pretty close to having covered almost every new drama that is starting from Spring onwards this year. I’ll try my best to keep the pace up. Today I found another one while reading some news sites called “Maruho no Onna”. It’s going to be airing on TV Tokyo starting in April on Friday nights from 8pm. It’ll be taking over the time-slot that Sanpiki no Ossan currently has if you’ve been watching that(I have). Maruho no Onna will be featuring Yuko Natori and Yumi Aso as a combo. Takashi Ukaji will also be appearing. The official website for the drama says that it’s going to be the first time Natori and Aso have worked together on something. Read on for more details.

I’ve gotta be honest I’m not really sure what Maruho means, I’ve heard of Maruhi(“suspect
“) or Marusa(the Japanese tax department) before so I’m guessing it’s government department related. A google search for it in Japanese didn’t reveal any new information. Just a bunch of companies with the actual name Maruho. Forunately I do know what Hoken Hanzai Chousain means, it’s somebody who investigates insurance related crimes(insurance scamming etc). Natori will be playing Natsuko, the lead role, who is an investigator that has spent a lot of time living in the Western world. Because of this she sticks out in Japanese society and is very hard-headed. She has also been described as a character that has prodigy-level science knowledge and ridiculous financial assets. Her sidekick Aki(played by Aso), who is a veteran investigator, is a former Yankee(read Japanese hoodlum) who came from a really disadvantaged background. She’s known to be really cheap but she has animal-like instincts. Takashi Ukaji will be playing Kozo who specialises in gathering information and is the CEO of the company the two girls work at.

Not sure what to expect from this drama. The cast doesn’t look too bad and the characters and story seem solid but I’m not too sure about the character that Natori is playing. It all sounds kind of ridiculous. She used to live in the west for a long time and is an investigating prodigy with huge financial power but she chooses to work at a company that investigates insurance fraud? I hope they have something planned to explain this. I guess there’s also the possibility that she has a unique personality and just doesn’t care about being rich, I’m sure there really is a very small percentage of wealthy people that actually act like that out in the world.

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