Masato Sakai in Drama Special Pandora ~Eien no Inochi~

Masato Sakai

This week it was confirmed that Japanese actor Masato Sakai will be appearing in drama special “Pandora ~Eien no Inochi~” which will be broadcasting on the 27th of April this year on WOWOW’s network. Pandora is a series of special dramas that WOWOW has been broadcasting since 2008 and this will be its 4th instalment. A lot of big names have appeared in the past chapters of Pandora like Hiroshi Mikami, Koichi Sato and Yosuke Eguchi. Hit the jump for some more details.

Pandora focuses on innovative people who have “opened Pandora’s box”. The theme of the latest Pandora will be cloning techniques, which is probably why it’s called “Pandora the Endless Life” in English. Sakai will be playing a brilliant Doctor named Suzuki who discovers a revolutionary cloning technique. But there are a range of issues that arise from his discovery and he ends up being chased away from the university research room he was conducting his studies in. The story starts 7 years after this happens when Suzuki is looking for a woman named Megumi and finds out that she has passed away. Suzuki ends up adopting her 6 year old son but doing so comes with huge (currently unspoken) consequences… Pandora will also be featuring Machiko Ono, Ken Ishiguro, Kosuke Suzuki, Tomohiro Kaku, Atsuo Nakamura, Ibu Masato and Katsumi Takahashi.


I think that this is the first time I’ve seen Sakai in a role as a doctor. Maybe it’s the first time that he’s actually played a doctor too. He said in a comment that he was very happy about being able to do a drama special and that he was particularly excited about being able to be involved in a work about cloning. I can’t really imagine what he would be like playing a doctor but he looks pretty believable in the image that I posted above and his acting has always been good in everything I’ve seen him in so my expectations for Pandora are pretty high.

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