Masato Sakai in new Softbank CMs.


What can’t Masato Sakai do? He had people on the thinnest edge of their seats during Hanzawa Naoki which achieved ratings of over 40% during its final episode and this month he’s been appearing in the Second Season of the already hugely popular drama franchise Legal High(which I’ll be talking more about later this week). But the reason why he’s so hot at the moment is pretty obvious – his acting is absolutely phenomenal and the roles he’s being getting lately are great. I’m guessing as a result of this he’s getting flooded with CM offers. I found some news this…

Morning saying that he’ll be appearing in some “Shiratoka Series” Softbank commercials later on this year. He’ll be taking on the role of a hot-blooded salaryman, which according to the original article has a very similar character to Hanzawa Naoki . The commercials will be designed to appeal to consumers just how good Softbank’s cellphone network connection is and I can only guess that it will be implying that Docomo’s connection isn’t so great. There is no video footage yet of the commercial, but there are some still images floating around the internet that I’ve managed to gather.






I know this isn’t really a drama per-say but as I’ve said before I actually quite like Japanese commercials. I’m sure that Japanese people themselves don’t really like commercials but I think there’s just something special about CM’s from a country that you weren’t born in, and just the fact that the way they advertise and the products that they are advertising are so vastly different to your home country. Anyway, I’m happy to see any of Sakai’s new work, whether it be full-blown dramas of just short commercials. I do kind of wonder how much he gets paid to do these though. He’s probably rolling in yen.

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