McDonalds Promotions in Japan are amazing.

Big Mac McDonalds Promotion

Just a bit more useless news to give you everyone a break from my usual J-Drama ramblings. I just found out about a Japanese McDonalds campaign that’s going to be run between 9/13 and 10/3 and was surprised about just how much of a good deal it was. It’s a buy one get one free deal and each week the buy one get one free item changes for three weeks consecutively. How cheap is that? I’ve never heard of a deal like this here in Australia and…

I don’t think that we’ll ever be getting something like this either. I HAVE seen McDonalds or Burger King campaigns where if you buy a whole meal you get a free burger but never just plain burger for burger. It just reminds me of how expensive the cost of living is in Australia comparatively, especially for cigarettes and alcohol. The way the campaign works is very simple, if you buy the targeted burger(or pie in the last week) for that week you get a second free one on the spot or you can get a voucher to redeem a free one. Each week the burger on promotion will change and the campaign will be kick started with the Big Mac. The next week(9/20 ~ 9/26) it will switch to your choice of a Fresh Fillet or Double Cheese Burger and the last week will be your choice of a Maron or Apple Pie. If I was in Japan right now I’d be taking advantage of this. As with most Japanese food promotions, they fail to calculate how much a Western can consume compared to a normal Japanese person. But I suppose that won’t be an issue for them considering that foreigners only make about around 1% of Japan’s total population.

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