Megumi Okina confirmed for Ao no Umi~LONG SUMMER~.

There’s going to be a new drama coming out from 30 June on Fuji TV and Megumi Okina is going to be starring in it as the lead role. It’s been around 8 years since her last lead role in a drama and it sounds pretty interesting. It’s going to be set in Okinawa and it’s a story about a boy(Hidenori Tokuyama) and girl(played by Okina) who fall in love and meet again later in life(about 15 years). It’s also going to be a day time drama so there’s a pretty slim chance that it’s ever going to be uploaded anyway, I certainly won’t be holding my breath. There’s also details that the 17 year old versions of both characters are going to be played by Atsuhiro Inukai and NMB48’s Eriko Jyo respectively.

Typically I don’t really like afternoon dramas and usually they don’t have such a stellar cast but I think this one might be okay. I thought Seibo Kiyomi Monogatari was pretty good, and I had been watching that pretty much every day until the person that uploaded it onto DailyMotion needed to take a break(I mean who can blame them, they do it for free?). I think the best thing about these kind of dramas is the content is so thin that you can just kind of watch them without really having to think. The same thing goes for the dialogue which can really jump in difficulty depending entirely on what drama you’re watching. Is anyone else thinking of watching this one? Feel free to write a comment below.

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One thought on “Megumi Okina confirmed for Ao no Umi~LONG SUMMER~.

  1. Definitely gonna check it out. Thanks for the info! でもどこで見えるのかな?昼ドラマだもん。。。。

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