Michiko Kichise asked about her underwear color.

Lastnight Michiko Kichise appeared live on Fuji TV’s variety show “Nonstop!”. During the show she was asked if she’d ever been told/asked anything shocking by a fellow TV personality and she ended up making a pretty unpredictable confession. It turns out that Nonstop!’s MC, Osamu Shitara from Bananaman, had asked her before (when they were doing another job together) what color underwear she was wearing. She didn’t seem upset about it at all, in fact both of them were laughing really hard about it at the time. Fellow guest(and model) Uno Kanda was pretty taken a back by the confession though, saying that the question was something “unbelievable” to ask while working. According to Shitara, Kichise answered his question straight away but he thought she might actually be lying so he asked her again multiple times. Apparently this whole underwear color question thing is some little game that the Bananaman guys play(Himura is also involved) and  Shitara has asked over 20 other female personalities the same question.


This is something that I personally will never understand: the immaturity of Japan’s comedy. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about this kind of thing, I used to follow an Osaka radio podcast quite regularly and the guys on there would always ask female guests what color underwear they had on while interviewing them. The only difference is that they would sometimes have actual prostitutes as guests on that radio show, but then again I suppose that doesn’t make it okay either. There’s also this random chat service that I use quite regularly on the internet, but almost 70% of the people on it will immediately ask if you are a girl or not and if you tell them you’re male they will cut you off straight away. I get the feeling that some(not all) Japanese men are still trapped in puberty. In the end we’re all animals and we all get urges from time to time but I really question what there is to gain in asking girls what color underwear they’re wearing(you’re gunna lose a lot of points here depending on how you do this) or trawling internet sites in the hopes you’re connected with a girl.

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4 thoughts on “Michiko Kichise asked about her underwear color.

  1. To me it is a truly stupid question. Just something I might expect a (dumb) teenager to ask. Osaka, of course, is not reputed for its great taste in comedy. Though they do have, I hear, a number of comedians, the kind that work in pairs.

    But trawling internet sites to get connected, I have heard, is fairly common in a lot of places.

  2. as a female, asking for underwear colour has got to be the most ridiculous question ever. the only reason why it might be important is if the woman knows it’s going to be seen by someone else at some point. a more important question (although still irrelevant) would be to ask what type of underwear she’s wearing. 🙂 that would say more about the woman compared to what colour the underwear is.

    the only reason I can see why these men are interested is because then they can claim to know something that no one else (excluding a spouse, or better yet, no one at all) knows. if a culture is all about showing face, being formal & only showing one’s public persona, to know something beyond the public façade would be a form of intimacy that some people would find very fascinating.

    regardless, it’s still pretty juvenile, no matter how one looks at it.

  3. Regardless of the stupidity of this wuestion – point for Michiko Kichise for being able to treat it as a pro!
    And she is INCREDIBLE in Hirugao – I will keep my eye on this drama 100%!!!

  4. In my country such practice is not allowed, there is freedom for tv, internet, but i have never heard anyone making such remarks except for in foreign shows…..
    such silly questions should not be asked it’s not funny in anyway. But when compared to foreign tv shows or award shows this incident is not that big, but doesn’t mean it’s right……
    I have seen the actress in some other j dramas or movies and she is a good actress, but i wont be watching her new drama as its not to my taste ie the story…….

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