Miho Nakayama and Tsuyoshi Domoto in new NHK drama “Platonic”.


On Sunday it was confirmed that Miho Nakayama and Tsuyoshi Domoto(KinKi Kids) will be appearing in a new NHK BS Premium drama called Platonic that will be airing from 25 May on Sunday nights at 10pm. This will actually be Miho Nakayama’s first lead role in a drama for 12 years after she was in a Fuji TV drama called “Home and Away” in 2002. She’ll be playing a middle-aged mother named Sara who has a daughter with a heart disease, and is finally divorced with her husband. Domoto will be playing a younger man who suddenly enters her life wanting to “save her” and her daughter. Sara ends up slowly falling in love with him but is torn between her own desires and supporting her daughter.

Sounds like a pretty typical human drama and I haven’t really heard of Miho Nakayama before. I have however heard of Tsuyoshi Domoto and I really enjoyed his acting in a drama from a decade ago called Summer Snow. I found all the episodes on DailyMotion a few months ago and ripped right through them. I also sometimes watch his variety TV show too. That in itself is enough to make me want to watch this one. Too bad it’s not going to be airing until May and it’ll be on BS Premium. All of the dramas I hear about that end up on premium channels barely are ever uploaded and if they are it’s always on a site called FC2 that tries to almost force you into membership.

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    • Hey again Tavares, I’ll check these out when I have some free time. I wonder if there’s any sites that have For You uploaded on to them.

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