Mitsu Dan likes S&M.

Well whether she likes it or not was not really explicit in the article, but I found a news story about Mitsu Dan discussing some S&M experiences she had with one of her former boyfriends. She was at an event for an upcoming movie that she’ll be starring in called Amai Muchi, which is about a female Doctor who also works at an S&M club. During the event she was discussing how to use a whip and talked about how one of her old boyfriends do S&M with her and would lock her up in cuffs or tie her up and also about how they went searching for candles one day together(can vaguely imagine how this would work). It seems like she was in the weaker position in real life because she said nothing about dominating that boyfriend at all. Mitsu Dan is a surprisingly good actress, will watch this one when I can get my hands on it.

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