Mitsu Dan in Schoolgirl Swimsuit Video.


So she’s at it again turning heads, this time in a Schoolgirl Swimsuit. If you check out the above video you’ll see Japanese Gravure idol Mitsu Dan(or Dan Mitsu) taking the opening pitch of a baseball game in Japan in only a Schoolgirl’s Swimsuit. Pretty erotic. What’s the saddest thing about all of this? She’ll never be allowed to do it again. After this spectacle the stadium that held the match received so many complaints that this sort of stunt will never be re-performed in Japanese baseball(or at least not for a long time). Did you know Mitsu Dan is actually over 30 years old? I didn’t know this until I was watching this video with a Japanese friend on Skype and they told me. She doesn’t even look past her mid-20s to me. Anyway if you like Mitsu Dan keep checking for more stuff, might start posting more about it her.

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