Monster Hunter Ice Creams.

Monster Hunter-themed ice creams are going to be released in convenience stores all across Japan for a limited time as a promotional campaign for the game Monster Hunter 4 from 8/27. The ice cream itself is chocolate/almond flavour and there are 3 different types of packaging for it. If you’re lucky you can also win one of 1000 original figurines that they’re giving away as prizes. But there’s only two different types of figures, Prize A or Prize B(500 of each have been prepared). You eat the ice cream and wether whether you won or not is printed on the stick. Above is a trailer for the actual game and after the jump I’ve attached some photos of the figurines etc.

Photos of how it looks if you win:

Monster Hunter 4 Prize AMonster Hunter 4 Prize B

And here are the two figurines that are up for grabs:

Monster Hunter 4 Figure 1

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