Moving J-Drama Scene of the Week.

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I’ve decided that I’m going to try and post once a week about a scene in a drama that I found moving. I don’t know if I’ll keep up with it every single week, but we’ll let’s just see how my motivation goes. I got a huge bitch-slap by Google the other day, so my new visitors have decreased severely. The only thing keeping me motivated is the dedicated readers of this blog. Don’t ever leave me guys! You’re all I have! Anyway, this week I want to talk about one of my favourite scenes from Rich Man Poor Woman, which was a drama that broadcasted during the middle of last year. Most of you probably know that I rate Rich Man Poor Woman pretty high. This is a scene from the last episode of the scene(not the special) where…

Hyuga takes back Next Innovation after being betrayed by Asahina and fired from the company. That itself is a pretty long story, which I will dispense with. Yamagami-san comes pretty much crawling back to Hyuga in the previous episode, begging him to come back and resurrect Next Innovation and while he does take a little time thinking about it he makes his decision to go back. The company is in complete tatters after Asahina is arrested for abusing inside information and it seems like hardly anyone is still working there. To bring back the company from the brink of death Hyuga has to convince JI Tech to give Next Innovation more funding(and pretty much write-off all of their debt) so they can complete the Personal File project. In return for this Hyuga promises to give JI Tech all the rights to the project. He wins the adoration of JI Tech’s CEO, who agrees to only give him the funding if Next Innovation can perform a successful testing of the project in two weeks.

So back to the office. Everything is going crazy. They don’t have enough people for the project, and they have barely any time. Yamagami-san is stressing the fuck out. At this point the guys from over at Wonder Wall(Yasuoka, Ogawa, Hosoki) make their appearance. When Hyuga left Wonder Wall they didn’t seem too happy about it but I guess they came to terms with it, and they came back to Next Innovation to help with the project. Hyuga starts to look like he’s thinking really hard and Yasuoka asks him what’s wrong – and this is the scene I want to write about. Sorry for the massive build up.

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“You know, I’ve been thinking for quite awhile…”

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“‘Just what can I do in a company that’s called shady, and untrustworthy?'”


“When you hear the word ‘IT’, you think of fast connection speeds, high amounts of information or being able to use things for free”


“But I think competing over such things is meaningless”

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“IT should be used to make people’s lives richer. The same goes for Personal File.”


“Why do you think Graham Bell invented the phone? I don’t know for sure, but I think that…”

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“He wanted to talk to someone far away that he loved”


“Or maybe instead, that he wanted to tell his mother who worried all the time that he was safe and doing well”


“It’s just like Picture Messaging”


“You use it so you and someone you’re separated from can look at the same thing, laugh and be happy together”

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“It must have been created with that purpose in mind.”


“Human beings are always at the center of IT


“And I think that our job here starts from thinking of a person important to you”

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“You guys have a person like that in your life right? Well make it for THAT person. Here!”

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“The world’s NEXT INNOVATION, is inside all of you”

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I like the concept of a drama as a whole and I love how uplifting it is, it never got too caught up in love stories(it has them but they’re secondary to the main plot) and watching the scenes in it like this one actually made me motivated about various areas of my own life. I realise that it is just fiction, and the same goes for any other J-Drama – but what’s wrong with being able to dream? Furthermore, what’s wrong with being able to dream big? In my opinion nothing at all. Anyone can do anything they set their mind to, and that is the main theme of this drama and this particular scene. That’s what Rich Man Poor Woman taught me – お前なら出来る / “you can do it”. If you haven’t seen this series yet I strongly suggest you watch it. If you have seen it tell me what you think of it, and what you think of this scene. Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Moving J-Drama Scene of the Week.

  1. Hey Jordan,

    Me again!

    I remember this scene vividly. While I was watching this particular episode a few days back, I was a little drunk and somehow that made me concentrate more on the words he said. And they echoed again and again in my head(the subtitled english words, ofcourse). Time and again the plot takes a sharp turn in this drama – with both discouraging and encouraging moments following. The emotional aspect to corporate success has been depicted aptly IMO. I completely agree with you on the approach adopted by the writers – to not let love dominate the central theme. And didn’t they come out just perfect!

    I’m gonna remember this series for two things in particular – lessons for life (everything is possible if you dream and go about it with your heart) and the cute-smiley face of Ishihara Satomi (…and her expressions after being drunk!).

    The ending was excellent – a gift in the form of a 2 hour bonus episode (NY)
    After having watched 6 J-dramas this rates right up at the top (and close to Last Cinderella – an emotional masterpiece)

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