Commercial/Digest for Episode 1 of Mozu.

I found a commercial/digest for the first episode of MOZU on YouTube that I thought might be worth sharing because there are people who probably still haven’t been able to watch it yet(there IS somebody doing subtitles for it though). I also watched Episode 1 last week and I can only say that it was nothing short of breath taking. You can read more details about MOZU here in the first post I made about it. It’s a TBS/WOW collaboration drama but it’s done well enough to be a movie in my opinion. The casting is also really great in it and it’s battling for the Thursday night crown with another detective drama called BORDER that features Shun Oguri. Anyway keep reading to watch the video that I’m talking about, I’ve embedded it after the jump.

Like I said, watching this drama series is actually a lot more like watching a movie because of the huge budget that has obviously been put into production and casting. Basically in the video there’s a explosion from a bomb in a small area of Tokyo where a several people(including a police officer’s wife, who is a former police officer) die and hundreds are injured. The police start investigating the incident and they find out that one of the people involved in it has been injured but isn’t dead and has lost his memory. Some people come in to the hospital he’s at pretending to be his family to take him home but actually end up kidnapping him and he finds out from them that he is actually an assassin. He breaks free and ends up killing his captors then escapes and lays low, this is when the police start trying to track him down and it becomes apparent that the former police officer killed in the explosion is linked to the incident and a secret project involving it. Anyway, Episode 2 is going to be airing tonight and I’m excited to see what happens in it – I’m sure there are a lot of other people who are too.

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