Is MOZU too well produced for a drama?

This isn’t really news per se, it’s just something that I was thinking last night while I was watching the first episode of the Second Season for MOZU. Whenever I was watching the First Season I always kind of felt the same way and there are a few reasons for this. First off, the cast is great. You’ve got Hidetoshi Nishijma, Teruyuki Kagawa and Yoko Maki forming a team for one, and a lot of solid actors as supporting characters. The other thing about MOZU is probably (what I assume) a very large amount of funding making up the budget. It’s a collaboration between TBS and WOWOW so you’d have to think it’d have deep pockets with two networks supporting it. In both seasons everything(including the fighting, explosions and even the acting) felt very real. I’d probably even go so far as to say that it felt a little bit more authentic than most movies I’ve watched.

Probably the last thing is the previews at the end of an episode for the next episode. They go for like almost 3 minutes each and at the very end of each one there’s a screen showing the date for the next episode. I don’t think I’ve really ever seen this kind of promotion for anything but a movie. Which all makes me kind of wonder why they didn’t make MOZU a series of long-running movies. I was really impressed with the first episode for the Second Season last night and it finally looks like viewers are going to get some answers about who or what Daruma is. I would have been pretty annoyed if the drama had just completely ended without touching on that or giving more details about the Grack-Alpha mission. Is anyone else following this drama religiously like me? If you have anything to say feel free to leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Is MOZU too well produced for a drama?

  1. As I have said in a precious comment, while I find no fault with the actors, all very good, I just didn’t like it. Too much violence and brutality for my taste. I agree with you in that it seems more suited to several long running movies. At this point I don’t plan to watch Mozu 2. Really reminded me of American films, and not my favorites.
    But that’s just my personal taste, which obviously may be different from the majority.

  2. I’ve download the 1st season and 2nd. With my limited understanding in Japanese language, it’s harder to watch it RAW. I’ve even download the arabic SRT and google translated it to English. I like the story. Mostly I like heavy story drama/movie, one that require you to think. The cast, acting is great. Upset though, couldn’t find the subtitle for 2nd season, it’s episode 2 now. Tq for subbing BORDER ~~

  3. MOZU was too darn draggy to me. I was really anticipating it before it started, but until now, I’ve only watched till ep 7, and cant be bothered continuing. I do intend to though. And then I’ll see how it ends before I decide whether to continue with season 2 or not.

    That said, I do agree that the actions scenes are pretty darn cool. Was helping to edit subs, and boy was I happy when there were long actions scenes without dialogue. xD

    • I think the story for MOZU is pretty long winded and it probably wouldn’t survive(ratings-wise) if it weren’t for the abundance of action scenes. Probably would recommend that you keep watching it though, if you have the time.

  4. 1st ep of 1st season is undoubtedly the best of them all.
    However, the ranking went down hill from that.
    I watched both seasons. And frankly speaking, season2 was, IS a major disappointment.
    I was even asking myself, ‘Why would I watch Mozu 2nd season??’

    Yes, good casts all round.
    Great pity for Teruyuki Kagawa, such talent but to be put in such low screen undeveloped character.
    Absurd human-strength on the twins.

    Wowow only bought/produced 5episodes. Which made the whole war/mystery for 2nd laid flat n rush. The end result is the ending of this MOZU flies I dont know where! I dont even remember the ending of it. Since it’s really not that memorable.
    All I remember from MOZU is the smoking (gosh, lotsa smoking there), and the explosion scenes. That’s all.

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