Nazo no Tenkosei Episode 5 Recap.

Nazo no Tenkosei

I don’t think I’ve seen a drama quite like Nazo no Tenkosei before. First off I don’t think that any drama I’ve seen before has had aliens in it. To add to that, I’ve seen a lot of high school dramas before but I don’t think I’ve seen any where the transfer student has been an alien. I think that an important part of drawing viewers in on TV is keeping just enough secrets in your drama and Nazo no Tenkosei is doing a really good job of this. Read on and I’ll tell you some more of what I thought about Episode 5.

In the last episode Yamazawa was drop kicked off a school building by the leader of  hooligans that he confronted on the rooftop. Despite this he survived the fall without a scratch(if you saw the episode you’ll know how high he actually fell) and got up and went back to class straight after. After seeing him get kicked off one of the girls who is friends with the hooligans ran down to check if he was alright still and was really surprised by it.

Nazo no Tenkosei

In Episode 5 she tells Koichi about what happened and he rushes home to see if Yamazawa is okay, thinking that he might have internal bleeding or something. He knocks on Yamazawa’s apartment door frantically but only the old man comes out so he assumes that Yamazawa isn’t there, even though he’s actually inside and just won’t come out. He calls Midori and they decide to wait for Yamazawa to come home.

Meanwhile Yamazawa takes control of the old man(who everyone thinks is his grandfather) and goes to meet the hooligan again, challenging him to a fight. Koichi is actually secretly tailing him at this time. When the old man being controlled by Yamazawa comes into contact with Kojira(the hooligan) he uses some sort of weird technique that blasts all these black specks on him and makes him disappear. Koichi witnesses all of this and is really surprised, he accidentally makes some noise and the old man notices him. At the time he’s on the phone to Midori and the old man erases his memory with the weird, small black box Yamazawa is always carrying around.


Midori is hiding in the hallway of the apartments and sees the old man come home, she also sees Yamazawa greet him at the door. Eventually Koichi regains consciousness after having his memory of the incident erased and comes back to the apartments. They decide to knock on Yamazawa’s apartment door again some more and eventually he comes out and manages to brush all of their accusations and suspicions off with excuses. After saying goodnight to them he goes back into the apartment and Kojiro is on the floor in their with this weird, red glowing start thing attached to his neck that will apparently change his personality.

Nazo no Tenkosei

I’m not completely sure what Yamazawa’s goal is yet. He gets Saizo to compile a list of “bad people” for him and he starts distributing the weird little star things to them in an attempt to change their personalities and control them. For some reason he has absolutely no interest in controlling people that he considers “good” but wants to build some kind of weird army of people that have essentially “quit life”. I’m not sure whether it was discussed or not in the drama but after reading the series’ Wikipedia I found out that Kojiro and Saizo are actually brothers. I really have no idea where this drama is heading or what the purpose of Yamazawa’s trip to earth is but all these questions keep me wanting to watch the drama. Anyway if you haven’t check this one out yet you should.

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