Nazo no Tenkosei looks pretty interesting.

Just another post on a new drama from this season, wow there’s so much stuff starting over the last week. This one’s a TV Tokyo drama, broadcasting every Friday night from 12:12am. I’m not really sure what the deal is with Japanese TV companies calling 12:12am on Saturday a Friday night time-slot but whatever. It’s called Nazo no Tenkosei / 謎の転校生, which roughly translates to “the mysterious transfer student”. This is another drama based off a manga and it has a high school setting(hence the transfer student title).

So the first episode starts off with a typical walking home from school scene with the main character Koichi(Aoi Nakamura) and a girl who he’s been friends with since childhood called Midori(Minami Sakurai). They see a shooting star fall and Midori makes a wish on it, saying that it’s the first shooting star that she’s ever seen. Koichi is actually kind of suspicious about it because it didn’t fall down, it was travelling in a kind of slanted-upward direction. He suggests that rather than being a shooting star, which would fall straight down, it could be a UFO. Midori just ignores his theory, completely staying adamant that it was a shooting star.

Nazo no Tenkosei

When Koichi gets home the old man that lives next door looks really confused. He asks Koichi where his own dog is. Koichi reminds him that the dog had died years ago and the old man starts to realise that what he’s asking might actually be a little strange and that he might be having some “memory issues”. He tells Koichi to come inside his apartment because he wants to show Koichi how there’s “lots of people” in there. When Koichi goes inside to check there’s nobody there at all and he argues with the old man for a moment about whether there are actually people in his room. The old man then starts interacting with the people that he can apparently see in there and starts playing with the dog(in his imagination I guess) that they had just talked about before, which had died years ago.

When Koichi goes into his own apartment he sees a report about the shooting star on TV and tells his parents how he saw it fall(or rise?) that afternoon. He then tries to explain his theory that it’s actually not a star and that it’s a UFO and neither of his parents will listen to him. His Dad even goes so far as to explain how it could in fact just be a shooting star that’s not travelling in a normal direction. I could tell from watching for the first 10 minutes or so that the people around Koichi don’t give a lot of weight to the things he says. Watching his interactions with friends and family kind of reminded me a little of the “boy who cried wolf”.

At school the next day there are some girls(Midori included) changing in a sports room and one of Koichi’s classmates hides in some equipment in the room and takes photos of the girls in their underwear. Midori forgets her jersey in the room and goes back and discovers him hiding with the camera in hand. She demands that he give her the camera and says that if he does she promises she won’t tell anyone about the incident. As he goes to hand it over to her a weird bolt of light comes out of the camera, it hits the ground and a cloud figure comes out of it and disappears shortly after. The two of them conclude that it was actually a ghost.

Nazo no Tenkosei

Fast forward and some kids from Koichi and Midori’s class decide to form a group together and go searching for the ghost in the school at night. Koichi doesn’t really want to do it but when he asks Midori if she’s in she says yes and he kind of gets roped into it because of that. By the way, he’s still sure that the star they saw was actually an alien. When they get to the school they split up into groups and Koichi and Midori are together. While they’re talking about some unrelated stuff weird bolts of light start forming again inside the school and moving around. Everyone gets freaked out by this and they end up running out of the school. In the last scene of the episode you’re taken back to the old mans house in daytime and a boy dressed in strange clothes appears in his room.

Episode 1

I like how this drama has kind of an extra-terrestrial element to it. It’s not really horror but it still makes you feel kind of strange when you’re watching it. It’s just a little bit freaky. The only other drama I can think of that has aliens in it was ATARU from 2 years or so ago but I could never really get into that one for some reason. I’m pretty sure that the boy that appears in the old man’s room in the last scene is the “mysterious transfer student” and is actually an alien. But yeah, more on that when Episode 2 comes out next week. To sum up things up, I think this drama has some good potential and is worth watching.

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