New Sailor Moon Anime.

I was just doing some more reading about Sailor Moon before and found out that there is going to be a new Sailor Moon anime released. This news was announced yesterday at an event held in Roppongi, Tokyo to celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th year anniversary. The new anime will be broadcasted from this Winter but in a bit of a change of pace, it will be broadcasted on Nico Nico Douga because the creators want “fans all over the world to enjoy it”.

The new anime had already been briefly announced in July last year and was set for broadcasting in Summer this year but until yesterday there were no further comments about the new series, which had fans pretty disappointed. It was explained in yesterday’s presentation that this was due to a delay and that the series will be ready to go by this Winter and be broadcasted worldwide. On a slightly more disappointing note, nothing relating to the storyline or characters etc. has been announced yet.

Maybe this will help Nico Nico get more popular outside of Japan? I heard from a Japanese friend that there’s now an English version of the site but that not many people are actually using it. It would be a shame for its existence to disappear completely from the Western world – because the original Japanese version of the site is great.

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