New NHK Drama Long Goodbye.

Tadanobu Asano

So there’s only a few weeks left until the next season of J-Drama officially kicks off. I found another drama that I haven’t talked about yet and it’s called Long Goodbye. It’s going to be airing on NHK starting from the 19th of April and it’ll be receiving a 9pm time-slot on Saturday nights. It’ll only have 5 episodes in total, which I thought was kind of weird but each of them will go for a complete hour so maybe that makes up for the low number of episodes. Long Goodbye is based off a book with the same title by an American author called Raymond Chandler. That’s probably the most interesting thing I found out about this drama while researching it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a J-Drama before that was based off a novel or comic not from Japan. Tadanobu Asano will be playing the main role in this one and it will also feature Go Ayano, Koyuki, Arata Furuta(what a surprise), Ai Tominaga, Rina Oota, Kenichi Takito, Tomorowo Taguchi and whole range of other actors – there’s heaps. If I wrote all of them here it would turn into a paragraph almost. Keep reading to hear a little more about the drama itself.

Asano’s character Banji is a private detective who lives in the 1950s in Tokyo and the story is set a little after the Second World War ended. For Japan this was a time when the country really started to flourish again and the Japanese economy was slowly building back up to full speed. Because of this the middle of the 1950s were also an era where the values of the people that lived in Japan during the time period changed dramatically. Banji is said to be someone who isn’t swayed by these changes and stays true to his core values and beliefs in spite of them. Judging from what I’ve read it also sounds like Banji might be a little bit of a ‘lone wolf’ type of character who mostly roams alone.

There isn’t a lot about the story so far, which is kind of frustrating because I’d like to know more about this drama. Then again the less I know about it the more I want to know which makes me even more likely to watch it. I like that it’s set in the 1950s because I have no idea what Japan would have been like back then, I can’t really imagine it at all. I hope they re-create the time period in a somewhat realistic way so I can understand what it was like a little better. The cast looks really good as well, they definitely went all out with this one. There were some other well-known actors that I didn’t end up listing because it was just getting so long. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for this one in April.

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3 thoughts on “New NHK Drama Long Goodbye.

  1. Heeeeeeeee, this looks promising!! Go Ayano (nice eyecandy always appreciated), Koyuki (just loooooooove her) and Arata Furuta (I’m in love with him since watching Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai ) – more than enough to make me want to watch it!! Japanese versions of foreign novels are often interesting – enough to mention Karamazov no Kyodai, which is the best adaptation of this novel EVER!!! Conclusion: I will wait for it, and for your reviews as well!!

  2. I had noticed this in the list of new dramas. The Long Goodbye was one of Raymond Chandler’s best books. The cast list is impressive [I love Koyuki too]. I hope very much it will be subbed.

  3. Raymond Chandler created one of the most famous private eyes in fiction “Philip Marlowe
    All of his Marlowe movels were filmed, except the last one.
    Well it turns out the last one was actually a screenplay, But when it wasn’t filmed. he turned it into a novel.
    The long goodbye was filmed in the 1970’s with Elliot Gould as Marlowe.

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