Pin to Kona’s ratings were just plain bad.


So there was a news article from a couple of days ago I found that discusses the ratings of all the drama that came out in the season that just past(or is still passing?). Unsurprisingly Hanzawa Naoki topped the list receiving record breaking ratings for the last century. But how did Pin to Kona fair amongst all of it? To be frank, horribly. I’m not exactly sure why the drama performed so badly in the ratings but…

It was ranked last place out of all dramas this season and was not even able to make double digit ratings on one occasion during its run. I can’t believe that even Summer Nude beat it. Summer Nude ranked number 7 or so and received a ‘mediocre’ result, the article also talked about how it started off well but de-railed part of the way through. But why did Pin to Kona rank so badly? Do people in Japan just not care about Kabuki? Were they not into the love story? Do they all hate Yuta Tamamori?

A lot of people who have watched Pin to Kona come on this site and I don’t think I’ve actually heard a single complaint from any one about the drama – apart from maybe there being a bit of a lack of Kabuki scenes during its second half. Either way I really disagree with this result when comparing it to some of the other dramas I watched during the season. If a shit drama gets shit ratings that’s fair enough, that would be a fitting result, but Pin to Kona was not a shit drama by a long shot and it could have been so much more if they just had more time and a better budget. What do you guys think about these poor ratings? Unfair? Just? Write me a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Pin to Kona’s ratings were just plain bad.

  1. Oh well, the first reason why it did so bad because it was on the “cursed” time slot of Thursday nights on TBS TV network. Thursday nights TBS have often scored low rating for 2 years. People often call the worst time slots. And TBS already knew it lol. The second reason is Pin to kona is a high school rom/com drama which you know it will have limited audience pool ( most young girls wouldlike it, maybe some old people would like it , how about men? nahhh , not much ).
    The third reason was it went head to head to a popular medical drama Doctor season 2 ( the average for Doctor season 1 was about 17%-18% as I heard) to the same time slot at 9 pm.
    Doctor season 2 had a large audience pool (men, women, young girls, old people) watch it. Doctor’s first episode was 18% and showed 1 week before Pin to kona. So you can know that the other dramas in the same time slot with Doctor 2 would be low. So far, Doctor 2 average has been about 18-19%, it was hard to compete with it anyway.

  2. oh btw, I add 1 funny fact for Pin to Kona rating to prove that it was in the “cursed” 9pm Thursday night time slots. Of all 3 episodes that had highest rating about 8.7%, 8.8% were showed late at those nights, they were showed at about 9:30 pm because of the previous boxing, or sport games were dragged out. As the result, the ratings for those episodes were higher when they showed late, haha.
    Last year, Yamapi had his drama on this time slot too. And the result was 9%- 9.5% average I think.
    Let’s see who will break the curse in the future , lol

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