Play Pokemon X & Y Early.

I know yesterday I made a post saying I thought that Mega Evolutions are stupid and I still stand by that statement but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like the Pokemon franchise as a whole. Putting that aside, if live in Japan you have a chance to play Pokemon X & Y before their release(precisely 2 months before). How? Well it seems like there’s a promotion starting from the 20th of this month at Aeon malls all over Japan. You can also receive prizes if you go and participate. If you keep reading I’ve posted an image containing information about where and when these events are. I actually vaguely remember going to one of these sort of things when I was a kid here in Australia to get a Mew. Pokemon must have been so popular back then because I haven’t heard of a Pokemon event going on anywhere for years.

Aeon Mall Pokemon Event

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