Pokemon Bank is a dirty move, Nintendo.

Pokemon Bank 1

So maybe some of you who like Pokemon were wondering how you’d go about moving your Pokemon from Black & White and Black & White 2 over to the new X & Y games. Rest-assured, Nintendo has a software solution for you: it’s called Pokemon Bank and it costs 500 yen a year. That’s right, you have to make annual payments to use it. For more details about it, please keep reading.

The system is pretty simple. It’s like a database that’ll hold your Pokemon for you over the internet. So you download the Pokemon Bank software, install it and then register. After which you can transfer Pokemon between your game and the server. Each person registered will be allocated 100 boxes and each will hold 30 Pokemon, 100 x 30 = 3000 Pokemon in total that you can hold as a maximum. You can also couple it with another software item(which I am assuming is free) called PokeMover to transfer your Pokemon from Black & White.

Pokemon Bank Box

I don’t think that the idea itself is bad. A lot of people like to transfer some of their Pokemon from old games and there are also a lot of Pokemon you just can’t get in a new game from older generations. You can also search through your Pokemon in the interface by things like type, personality and even markings. It does also cut down the time involved in transferring Pokemon, because before you needed two consoles and you’d have to transfer Pokemon one-by-one. And I mean let’s just face it, the best Pokemon were in Red, Blue, Gold and Silver. The issue I have with this plan is that they are trying to put money on it, 500 yen a year? I mean, no it’s not a huge amount. When you think about it it’s actually quite cheap. But I just don’t feel that it’s right to sell a game to people and then slap on another 500 yen because you’ve purposely made it so they have no way to transfer Pokemon from old games. It’s dirty Nintendo you cold, calculated criminal. Are times that tough lately?

Pokemon Bank 3

What does everyone else think? I’m sure there are a lot of people that will find this software useful and like I said I’m not discounting it’s usefulness entirely I’m just attacking the fact that they’ve slapped an extra fee on it. If you have something to say about all of this feel free to make a comment below outlining your position on the matter.

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