Pokemon X & Y is making bank.

Last week on the 10th Pokemon X & Y were made available for pre-order and within just two days(Saturday and Sunday) there were over 260 000 pre-orders for the new Nintendo releases. It sounds like Pokemon X & Y are absolutely smashing sales, but it also makes me kind of wonder how it’ll fare in the West – and when it’d actually get here. It’d be such a great game if it didn’t include stupid Mega Evolutions – but I guess you can’t please everybody right?

I also wonder how many units they’ll sell of the game in total – including normal sales. I was looking at the comments about the article on Amaebi and someone was saying that the most popular games now are on smartphones – ie. people that aren’t serious gamers are buying the most games. I suppose this could be the cause for the drop in the pre-orders for most games now day – if you can download a game why would you even need to pre-order? Not like it’s gunna run out. Anyway, yeah, Mega Evolutions are stupid!

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