Pokemon Mega Evolution is Stupid.

So Pokemon X & Y are slated for release in October and I’m not upset about that at all, I’m actually quite happy about it. Do I think that the quality of new Pokemon has dropped pretty badly since Ruby and Sapphire? Yes. Do I think that the quality drop is enough to not warrant playing the game? No not at all, it’s still fun even if it’s the same formula over and over again and the new Pokemon are kind of weird or just recycled copies of old ones. But the other day I was reading some Japanese news sites and they had some magazine shots of an information release talking about “Mega Evolution” Pokemon.

Pokemon Magazine

“Mega Evolution”? I mean come on, normal evolution isn’t special enough? Apparently if a Pokemon evolves it becomes “super, super” powerful but Pokemon can only mega evolve during battles and once a battle ends they return back into their normal form. The number of Pokemon that can mega evolve in one battle is limited to one. I can really only see this system adding another frustrating layer to people who play competitively depending on how powerful Pokemon get during this so called Mega Evolution. I think the game creators are running out of ideas fast. If they had time to implement this kind of feature I wish they had better used it on features that people actually really, really WANT rather than just sneakily adding more average Pokemon to the mix and labeling it as a new system. I’ll end this post with an image I saw making fun of the new Mega Evolution system that made me laugh pretty hard.


Pokemon Freeza


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