Pokemon Tretta for 3DS.

So Pokemon Tretta “Rabo” is being released for the 3DS on 8/10. What the hell is a Tretta? I thought this at first too, but when I watched the promotional video I released its the little disks for those machines that they have in arcades in Japan(there are some in Australia too, just not Pokemon ones). Anyway you insert the little disks in to the machines at arcades and you can battle with them inside the arcade machine, it’s kind of like a up-scaled version of traditional trading cards. So with this new 3DS extension, your 3DS can read the Pokemon Tretta and you can do various things without having to actually go to the arcade. There are three modes: Tretta Analyzer, Type Checker and Auto-Battle. In the Analyzer mode you can just look at your Tretta Pokemon’s stats. In the Type Checker you can put two Pokemon side by side and do a comparison of their moves/types and in the Auto Battle mode you can put two Pokemon next to each other and have them battle automatically. You can also go into a challenge mode and battle CPU Pokemon. The extension costs 3980 yen(incl. tax) and it comes with 3 free Tretta. While I kind of wish that there had been this sort of thing when I was a kid from the perspective of an adult I can only really see this is a complete waste of money. I feel sorry for any parents with children who want this. Anyway if you want one you can pre-order them on Amazon.

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