Most Popular Japanese Beer – in Korea.

So wanna know something I didn’t know ’til today? Japanese beer is pretty damn popular in Korea. I guess it’s not surprising considering how the two countries practically neighbour each-other(I know this is soooo wrong but I’m bad at geography so please forgive me). Japanese beer represents 33.5% of Korea’s imports of beer which makes it the #1 country they import beer from – to put this in money terms it’s about 13 million dollars in total of beer imported every year from Japan to Korea. There are other countries below that but who cares! So what’s the most popular Japanese beer in Korea?

Well according to statistic from the same article the two most popular Japanese beers in Korea are Asahi(53% of sales), closely followed by Sapporo(25.6%). I can safely back either of these brands, they make great beer taste-wise and price-wise(especially if you’re in Japan, the taxes here are insane on beer). These two giants are followed by Suntory(12.5%) and Kirin(8.8%). It almost goes without saying that the beer that was most sold out of the Asahi Brand was Asahi Super Dry – which I would consider a well-loved beer all around the world. All of this kind of makes me laugh considering how open Korea and Japan can be about hating each-other’s guts.

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