Professor from Tokyo University found innocent of Chikan.

Before I get into writing about what actually happened, I probably should explain Chikan because it’s not some that exists in the western world. Chikan is essentially a practice where (mostly dirty old) men feel up young woman on extremely crowded trains. I think that as opposed to outright groping somebody, you have a pretty good chance of getting away with it.

Anyway, on the 25th a Professor from Tokyo University(46) made an appeal for a guilty charge that he received for Chikan earlier in the year in Tokyo’s High Court. He was a accused, in 9/2010 of touching the victims buttocks on Tokyo’s JR Soubu-sen. Keep on reading to find out about the surprising verdict of the High Court judge…

To sum things up the the Judge in the High Court decided that the victims testimony was mostly just lead on by the Judge in the original trial. He completely scrapped the 400 000 yen fine against the professor and handed down a not guilty verdict. He also said that the ‘victim’ had just been essentially “following on from the [original] Judge’s questions and simply answering them, the testimony is hard to trust, he also added that “apart from the testimony given at the original trial there was absolutely no evidence showing that the Professor had committed Chikan”.

It all actually makes me wonder how they decide most Chikan cases…Are there CTV cameras on all the trains in Japan or something? I don’t know. I know a couple of girls who have been victims of Chikan and most just seem to ignore it rather than report it. It baffles me as to how it took essentially 2 whole years to arrive at a concrete decisions for such a small level crime.


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