New project: Subtitles for Episode 1 of Platonic.

Things only really JUST finished with BORDER but I figured that I’d have some spare time(a few weeks even) to do something before season two of HERO is released. So I decided on an NHK BS premium drama that started airing a couple of weeks ago called Platonic. This one stars Miho Nakayama and Tsuyoshi Domoto in the lead roles. I decided to pick this one because I watched a drama a few months ago that Domoto was in the really early 2000s called Summer Snow and I really liked it. That being said, his acting in this drama is completely different and he has aged a little. I can’t really say a lot about Miho Nakayama, I haven’t seen her in much before. Her acting in this drama is still pretty good. Anyway, if you liked BORDER please do me a favour and watch this too or at least give it a chance. I know it won’t be anywhere near as popular but subbing is so much easier when you have people waiting to watch a series.

Okay, so Platonic is going to have a total of 8 episodes. If my math is correct I should be able to finish this a couple of weeks after HERO starts its run(fingers crossed). I will just add a disclaimer here saying there are no time guarantees about me finishing this particular drama. Once HERO(or whatever I end up subbing) starts airing I will be prioritising that over this. That doesn’t mean I won’t finish Platonic, it just means I probably won’t have the subtitles for each episode out days after it has aired on TV. I doubt many people will be watching this, but as always you are free to link to my blog or translate these subtitles into another language without my permission. Please don’t hard code them or re-upload them without my permission. You can read more about Platonic here. And here are the subtitles, they’re timed to \( -o _ o- )/’s uploads on D-Addicts.


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9 thoughts on “New project: Subtitles for Episode 1 of Platonic.

  1. Thank you for picking up this drama as a side-project.
    I know someone else had picked it up as well, but hope you will finish it.
    More choices for viewers.

    • Thanks for the update Keiko! Is the other person pretty reliable with their stuff? If they are I should probably do something else because there’s no point in overlap. There’s still a few other things that haven’t been done yet from this season. Sorry, I had no idea someone had already started on this one.

  2. I saw Summer Snow as well, where Tsuyoshi was very good, but I haven’t seen him in anything else. I saw Nakayama in Love Story, Nemureru Mori, and the movie Love Letter. She was excellent in all. so it would be interesting to see how they both are now. Thanks in advance.

  3. Thank you for subbing this! I appreciate it so much since I don’t understand Japanese… but I love Jdramas and watch them all the time. Thanks to people like you, I can enjoy the finer things in life.

    Also, thank you for subbing and finishing Border so quickly! I have to say, you’re one of the fastest subbers I’ve run into!


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