Quick update: About that side-project…

I know I only just posted subtitles for Platonic yesterday, but in the comments Keiko brought it to my attention that someone else(BaBa) has already started subbing it. I checked it out and I was beaten to it by around a day or so. I didn’t even realise! Haha. Anyway because of that I’ve decided that I won’t be continuing with Platonic unless it’s abandoned(and I doubt it will be). I think it’d probably be better if I found something else to do, or maybe even just work on making this site look less shit, before the next season starts. I really hate quitting things, especially just when they’ve started, but I don’t see any point in having 2 people subbing one drama when you could have 2 people subbing 2 separate dramas. Anyway sorry for the commotion, I hope I haven’t inconvenience anyone somehow. Oh yeah, everyone else please go support BaBa with his subs for the series too, the D-Addicts thread is here.

9 thoughts on “Quick update: About that side-project…

  1. Either Black President or White Lab would be great. Of course, they are both nearing the end. You may prefer something else.

    It certainly makes sense not to duplicate efforts. There are not that many subbers around!

  2. Hi, I’m just wondering whether you might consider subbing the series Shinikare:
    It’s by the same writer as Platonic, and the storyline sounds a bit similar as well.

    Someone did start subbing it over a year ago, but sadly gave up only half the way through, and a year later and they don’t seem to be continuing it at all.

    I’m not sure on how good the drama is, but based on screenwriter Nojima Shinji’s other work, it definitely has the potential to be a decent drama.

    • Wow! This is great. Thanks so much for posting this. Do people announce subbing before the broadcast of a drama starts? If so I’d like to do so.

      • Yep! That’s actually one of the reasons it was created so that fansubbers don’t have project clashes. 😀

        If you want to put your name down for a series you plan to sub, put your name in the english sub column next to the series name
        followed by ‘tentative’ in brackets.

        • I slotted my name in so hopefully I don’t clash with anyone. Thanks so much for telling me about that, I can’t believe I’ve subbed like 3 series so far and didn’t know that this existed.

  3. Could you please subbing BeeTV drama “Saijou no Propose”? It’s starring by Takumi Saito, Koide Keisuke etc , i have find it anywhere but i can’t find the sub for that drama ;(

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