So I got my rankings back, kind of.

I'm back baby

As you can see my site has jumped back up to the first page of rankings for its own name. Wow, what an awful 3 weeks for this blog. Did you know that Google’s own Adsense can actually effect your rankings and land you a penalty? Well it can. That’s not the only thing that was holding my site down in rankings either. Sorry but this post isn’t about drama for a change, it’s about blogging and Page Ranking so if you’re not interested in that maybe you should ignore this one.

Why does Google Adsense effect Page Rankings?

Look, I’ll be the first one to admit that the ads I had on here before I got penalized by whatever Google animal bit me were spammy as hell. This was really just a result of my laziness and ongoing unwillingness to refresh my blog’s layout at the moment. If you don’t remember, I had one add right at the top of a page above the fold. This was followed by an ad placed in the more area of a post. So around 2 ads a page. But this is pretty normal for any site that monetizes right? Well yeah it is, but I think that density was the issue. I didn’t nofollow my categories or my tags so categories or tags with only one post(or actually an excerpt of it) and 2 ads would have mostly likely popped up when the Google bots were crawling my pages. Lots of ads and little text is a no no. I should have realised this earlier. No-following the categories and tags had no effect though, and I did that weeks ago. But last friday I took the ads out completely and guess what, within a few hours I ranked #1 again for my blog’s name when I couldn’t even find the blog in the rankings a few weeks ago. I can say with 90% certainty that the ads were the problem.

Was that it?

No, of course it wasn’t enough to please Google’s algorithm. The next day when I woke up my site was not coming up for its name again. So I decided to try out something else: I got rid of the related posts bar at the bottom of the pages. I didn’t want to do this. It increases the number of posts visitors read exponentially and it just makes related content easier for them to find. But if your posts have closely related titles it will spam the same keyword over and over again. So say we go back two weeks ago and you’re on my blog reading a post about a drama that we’ll just call “Hiroshi’s Mind” and I’ve posted about Hiroshi’s Mind before a few times. First of all, the post you’re currently looking at will have the keyword Hiroshi’s Mind probably once or twice. Then it’ll probably be in the tags too, “Hiroshi’s Mind”. And then right at the bottom of the post you’ll get the related posts, for example: “Hiroshi’s Mind sucked last week”, “Hiroshi’s Mind: Impressions”, “Blahblah is going to star in Hiroshi’s Mind!” and “Hiroshi’s Mind Episode 5 was great”. So let’s count, there is now the keyword Hiroshi’s mind on this particular page about 7 times. And that’s just that one single page, there would also be the same issue with all 5 of those posts – so 5 times 7 is 35. Bam, you have the keyword “Hiroshi’s Mind” on your site 35 times(or possibly more). Once I removed related posts my site shot back up to Rank 1 for it’s name again.

By the way, what do you mean by “kind of”?

Well, my page is ranking for its name again. That’s a great start. It’s also ranking for a few keywords it did well in before, but it’s ranks are awful compared to before. Awful is better than non-existent but still it’s not something I’m content with. I also do not rank at all for the drama that I’m subtitling at the moment, Glass no Ie, which is stupid because people are obviously going to use Google to look for subtitles in English for it and not be able to find it. As far as I know I’m the only one subbing it right now. I think I might still be experiencing a subtle penalty for certain keywords because the Google Algorithm has decided that I’m “spamming” them. Under it’s definition yes, I am probably spamming them. Every time I do new subtitles I make a whole new posts with the drama name and the episode I subtitled. Every time I watch an episode of a drama and I have something to say about it I write “Hiroshi’s Mind episode 4 was great” or “Hiroshi’s Mind is getting pretty interesting”. It’s just common sense, if I write “Things are getting pretty interesting” it’s not going to catch people’s eyes and not be relevant to what I’m talking about. But yeah, Google doesn’t like my way of doing things at the moment.

Okay, what’s the plan of action?

Well I already disavowed a huge bunch of incoming links I had coming from all these weird Russian websites. Let’s hope they get processed soon. I’ll also be going on a deleting/merging spree of posts. I’ll only make one post for a series’ subtitles from now on and just keep updating that post every time I translate a new episode, that way I don’t have to write a disclaimer more than one time and it makes things easier on everyone. No, I’m not going to stop the consistency of my blogging – I just clearly need to be more careful about my titles and maybe no follow posts about a series if I start getting too keyword heavy. Anyway, look forward to some changes in the way I blog. I hope you guys all stay with me on the journey to come.

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3 thoughts on “So I got my rankings back, kind of.

  1. Hey, glad things are getting a little better! I have this blog saved on my favorites so i never had to search for it on google, now i understand what the problem was. Well, i’ll be sticking with you as long as you keep writing interesting stuff like you ways have 😀 Looking foward to the changes ~

    I’ll try to comment more too.

    • Thanks for giving me a place in your favorites! Feel free to comment whenever. It’d be cool if we had more discussion going on this blog but I suppose its also up to me to write some quality posts as well. LOL

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