Ratings are out for Detective Dramas.

So we’re getting closer and closer(we’re pretty much already there I guess?) to the end of this drama season. Next month a whole new wave of dramas will be starting and we’ll officially be in ‘Summer Season’. Because most dramas have hit their final, there are finally some statistics coming out for their ratings. I found an article that talked about detective dramas in particular, and because I was so immersed in BORDER I decided to read it. It was basically a run down of the ratings for each detective drama that aired over the season, with rankings. If you’re interested in how the dramas you were following faired, keep reading and I’ll give a brief run down.

So essentially the rankings(based on ratings taken in Kanto) came out like this:

  1. BORDER – 12.2%
  2. MOZU – 11.0%
  3. Bitter Blood – 10.7%
  4. TEAM – 9.5%
  5. White Lab – 7.9%
  6. 110 Kilo Keiji – 7.7%
  7. Smoking Gun – 7.4%
  8. Tokubou – 4.0%

BORDER and MOZU weren’t really a huge surprise to me, I expected both to be right up the top I just wasn’t sure about the order. I was really surprised by TEAM and White Lab being in the middle. Nobody subbed them this season and yet they seemed to go over pretty well with the Japanese audiences. I would’ve thought Smoking Gun would have been around the middle but it ended up in second last place, and last place was Tokubou!? I actually thought Tokubou was hilarious and I’m pretty sure Crunchyroll also has the licensing rights to it and was subbing it. I wonder what a 4% rating even means to a drama? I’m pretty sure BORDER’s 12.2% is actually very modest if not even bad ratings-wise. Then again these statistics don’t take people who watch an uploaded version of the drama on the internet later into account.

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2 thoughts on “Ratings are out for Detective Dramas.

  1. I loved BORDER, and thought it was the best show this season. I think that River’s Edge and The Long Goodbye are missing as “detective dramas”. They were quite good too.
    I tried to give Tokubou a chance but could not go through the 1st episode. MOZU was too “overly dramatic” for me, so I dropped it too.
    I’m still wondering why Bitter Blood got such a high score. Maybe it’s because of Satô Takeru’s fangirls’ base… I don’t see any other explanation so far. It was really bad. “non-sense”, as they would say…
    Smoking Gun was really average. Too much overacting from some actors/actresses and the plot twists were sometimes a bit stupid. And there was also absolutely no chemistry whatsoever between the “main couple”. They were constantly acting like strangers who barely know each other and have very little in common. A very “unnatural”/”forced” relationship.
    110 Kilo Keiji is a bit more interesting than Smoking Gun, but still too much overacting.
    White Lab was above average IMO. I don’t understand the low ratings. Maybe the scheduling slot, or the lack of “idols”…

  2. i am so glad that BORDER is in the first place. i really like this drama and the casts are pretty cool too. they are so good in how putting the comedy among the serious stories. this is a relief for me for seeing Oguri after I watch his other detective/police drama, Tokyo Dogs. well, both Sou Takakura in Tokyo Dogs and Ango Ishikawa are cold/flat faced, but it’s fun when seeing Ishikawa smiles (because Takakura so rarely smiled). And, of course, I’m really looking forward to the second season of BORDER.

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