Ratings are out for Episode 1 of Dousousei.

The preliminary Kanto ratings for the new TBS drama Dousousei ~Hito wa, Sando, Koi Wo Suru~ starring Arata Iura are out and they’re not too bad at all. The drama managed to secure 10.9% and the first episode went for around an hour, it was extended by around 15 minutes. The drama is about friends from middle school meeting each other again at a reunion party and falling in love. You can read a little more about the storyline in another post I made about the drama here. 10.9% isn’t a bad start for a new drama, and I get the feeling that this drama has the potential to gather a lot of viewers as well.

At first I thought that Dousousei might not be very interesting, all the main characters are in their 40s and in the end one of the big parts about the drama is adultery. I’ve never really understood cheating personally, and I doubt it’s ever something that I will resort to doing but I have to admit that the scenes in the drama were very well crafted. They sort of gave you a window into why some people might want to cheat on or leave their spouses, because of the way that they are being (mis)treated at home. Watching this drama just kind of reminded me that everyone is human and cheating isn’t all black and white, there can be some grey areas too sometimes. I suppose it also showed me that a drama about middle-aged people can be interesting and worth watching too. Has anyone else watched the first episode of this drama yet? If you haven’t I would definitely recommend this one.

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4 thoughts on “Ratings are out for Episode 1 of Dousousei.

  1. Once again, thanks for the review. I saw a similar drama some time back [I think I said that before], and some people commented just as you did, that, surprise, people in their 40s can be interesting. As far as adultery is concerned, while I wouldn’t want to cheat or be cheated, it does happen, sometimes with excuses, other times without. And remember Chocolatier? That is exactly what Ishihara Satomi was doing with MatsuJun, even if you want to forgive her because her husband was a boor and she is so cute.

    Anyway I do hope someone subs it, I would be interested.

    • Yeah this drama was actually really good. It’s something that I will definitely be following. I could never bring myself to cheat on somebody no matter how badly I wanted to. It’s not really about having high morales or anything personally I would just never want the same thing to do be done to me. I am a pretty loyal person but at the same time if I feel like I’ve been betrayed by someone(even if it’s misconceived) I will just erase them mercilessly. So I think that it’s a good and a bad thing at the same time. Ishihara’s character was really cute in Chocolatier but (sorry for the language forthcoming) was just a stupid slut.

      According to the D-Addicts sub map somebody is subbing it!

  2. I really liked it. 🙂 I’ve always liked Arata and Mabo, so… Arata looks a bit too skinny in this drama, though. But it’s very good so far

    Really unlike the first episode of Wakamonotachi 2014… I don’t know about the original from 1966, but I can tell you that this one seems quite out of place, or rather out of time, regarding the stupid main character that is nothing more than a sexist paternalistic jerk who wants to control everybody’s life while forgiving himself his own sins. It seems that Asahi (the 1st son) is still living in 1966… A lot of (unrequited) family violence too… I was more than disappointed while watching this.

    • Yeah I’ve gotta agree that it was good. Arata does look more skinny than usual…I mean he’s always been really tall and lanky but in this drama especially so. Maybe it’s because of what he’s wearing?

      Also I haven’t watched Wakamonotachi yet, the opening credits were really, really unappealing to me for some reason.

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