Re-mastered Gundam Wing broadcast on BS11.

So I didn’t know this until five minutes ago but the popular 90’s anime Gundam Wing is being re-mastered on Blu-ray in two box sets the first of which will drop on 22/11/2013 and the second on 1/29/2014. This had apparently been announced some time ago. The new information is that the new blu-ray version will be broadcasted on Japan’s BS11. Starting from 8/4 it will receive a weekly half an hour slot from 7pm on Sundays. I really, really loved this series when I was a kid. I actually remember watching the dub-version episodes over and over again that they used to broadcast on Cartoon Network. I wonder if there is any chance at all of these Blu-ray versions coming to Australia? This has made me want to re-watch the series all over again – but no English this time. I mean I’ve watched SEED and SEED Destiny as well but somehow neither compared to Wing.

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