Rent a Middle-aged Japanese Man Service.

Was just casually doing a sweep through of all the Japanese Matome sites I follow and I found something I could not resist writing about: Rent a Middle-aged Man(or おっさんレンタル). Using this service you can rent one of two middle-aged men for the cost of 1000 yen per hour. Only in Japan. But what can you do once you rent them?

I know what you might be thinking already reading this, no it’s not any kind of sexual service(or I hope not anyway). You rent them to get advice about things. You can pick either of these two dashing fellows who both have their own respective skills and personality. The first, who I will call Ossan 1, is a man named Takanobu Nishimoto, who is a Fashion Producer. Ossan 1 specialises in giving advice about Fashion-related matters, new ideas and job-related issues. He has also been known to give love and grave-cleaning advice too. His minimum is two hours, so to talk to him you’ll be forking out atleast 2000 yen per session. Ossan 2, Mikio Sendo, is a former Japanese pro-baseball league player and I’m assuming that he mostly gives advice relating to baseball. There’s no information on his minimum time so I’m guessing he offers his time in one hour blocks. If you search either of their names in the Japanese Google they both come up. Ossan 1 has a LinkedIn and Ossan 2 has a Wikipedia entry so both of these guys are at least C if not B grade celebrities.

Rent a Middle-aged Japanese Man

According to the article I read the blog had already topped 50 customers by the end of July and was showing pretty strong popularity, even attracting repeat business(mostly women apparently). It’s actually not a bad idea. I’ve heard about Skype hotlines from Japanese friends that you can call to vent to, and they charge a pretty decent amount as well. There’s also the infamous camera chat site Men’s Garden where you can actually literally whore yourself out to viewers. Maybe I should make a website and start whoring out my free time too. 1000 yen is not bad for just having to listen to some (probably crazy) person’s troubles. If you’re interested in looking at the website, or if you actually want to rent one of them, you can find it here. Happy renting.

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