When is a Rich Man Poor Woman sequel coming?

I usually like to make posts based on actual fact but lately I’ve been feeling really discontent with something – the fact that there has been pretty much no information about a Rich Man Poor Woman Season 2 yet. I’ve read a few articles from months/years ago that said they were actually intending to do a second season instead of the special they did(Rich Man Poor Woman in New York) last year but for some reason they went with the special instead. Some have even posited that they were testing audience reaction with the special to decide whether or not the reception warranted making a new series. If you go to the drama’s homepage(and can read Japanese) you’ll see new comments coming up every week with people begging the producers to make another series too. So it makes me wonder, if the demand is there why won’t they do it?

I guess maybe it’s partially schedule related. There are 3 actors that would be absolutely essential to do a second series: Oguri, Ishihara and Iura(I would also like to see Shiro Sano too). All 3 of them are pretty popular actors at the moment and I’m sure finding a time they could all fit in would be difficult. Oguri was in BORDER last season and Iura is in a new drama this season too. Ishihara has gotten a lot more popular over these last two years as well, especially with Shitsuren Chocolatier. I did find an article from the start of this year talking about there being rumours of a new Rich Man Poor Woman and HERO. Because one of those rumours has come true I guess we can only hope that the other does. Is anyone else hanging out for a sequel to this series like me? Tell me what you think in the comments section!

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3 thoughts on “When is a Rich Man Poor Woman sequel coming?

  1. Well, I would like to see one, but i think they may have scheduling problems with those popular actors. There is also the question of financing, I imagine Oguri, and now Ishihara, command a largish fee.

    • Yeah I think both of them would cost a lot more than they did back 2 years ago. I guess there’s still hope though, GTO got a sequel and that aired 2 years ago too. You just never know.

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