Rihwa holding a free live for her new album “BORDERLESS”.

Rihwa is going to be releasing her new album “BORDERLESS” on the 2nd of next month(4/2) and she’s also going to be holding a (free) live event to promote it on the 6th(4/6) at Tokyo Dome’s City Laqua stage. You might have heard of Rihwa from the popular drama that just finished last week “Boku no Ita Jikan” because she made the theme song for it “Haru Kaze”(春風). On the day of the live Rihwa is going to be playing outside and will be doing mostly songs from the new album. She’ll also be handing out posters to people who bought BORDERLESS. If you’re in Japan(or more specifically Tokyo) I really suggest you check it out because it’s free and y’know, she’s got a beautiful singing voice.

Source: Natalie

Video: Rihwa’s official YouTube.

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