Roosevelt Game CM.

After finding a commercial for BORDER I decided to look for some more commercials for dramas coming out in the next couple of weeks and found one for Roosevelt Game which is being hailed as a Hanzawa Naoki copy. This one is a lot shorter than the promo video I found for BORDER but it still looks pretty interesting and I only just realised that it’s also going to have Dan Rei in it who was in Fukuie Keibuho no Aisatsu this season. The video also overuses the Japanese word “gyakuten” which you might be familiar with if you know about the Gyakuten Saiban series and is probably best translated as making a “come back”(and is when referring to an underdog in a lot of cases) – something that was also a big theme in Hanzawa Naoki. You can watch the video I’m talking about above and if you want a little bit more information about Roosevelt Game I made another post about it when I first read over the official website for it, you can find that post here.

Video: Official YouTube channel for TBS.

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One thought on “Roosevelt Game CM.

  1. You know, although I have some very mixed feelings about Hanzawa Naoki, I sure will give a chance to Roosevelt Game as well. As you said before, the novels by the same authors are likely to be in one style, and the plot of the aforementioned drama was not bad at all, so there’s quite high probability, it will go interesting this time too. It looks even more promising – here I won’t have to see the pain of Sakai Masato, struggling with his stiff jaw,plus Dan Rei captured my heart in Fukuie Keibuho no Aisatsu, so yeah, I will follow it, I guess!
    Thank you for the trailer!!!

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