Rumours about a Bakuman Live Action Movie.

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately because of school stuff but I’m going to try and make more of an effort to write from now on. Today I found some news about a rumour that the manga Bakuman is going to be made into a live-action movie. Someone in Japan posted some pictures on their Twitter showing staff members setting up stages for filming at a city high school in Tokyo. There’s still no word about the movies cast or any details about release but a lot of people are really excited to find out who will be playing Moritaka Mashiro. Some are even saying that whether the movie succeeds or not will balance on who takes up the role. I haven’t read this manga before but I’m all for live-action re-makes. Sometimes the live-action even ends up being better than the manga but I guess that’s a rare case scenario.

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2 thoughts on “Rumours about a Bakuman Live Action Movie.

  1. just read the manga… didn’t watch how anime was done… btw this kind of manga isn’t too difficult making it into live action…. really wonder who will be Azuki… they need to find someone who has looking like her too to be her mom because they really look alike.

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