S ~Saigo no Keikan~ Episode 10[Final].

Saigo no Keikan

Another drama series from this season ended on Sunday night and I’m going to be pretty sad to see it go actually. I only wrote two other posts about S ~Saigo no Keiken~ but I’ve been following it every week and was pretty impressed by every episode. The last episode wasn’t as full-on as the rest of the episodes before it but I definitely wasn’t disappointed by it. I probably should warn you that if you keep reading this post there are going to be some spoilers in it. There won’t be a lot but if you don’t want to know anything that happens in the last episode just stop reading. Everyone else who’s interested can click the jump and keep reading.

So Episode 10 was meant to be the final nail in NPS’s coffin and signal the final steps in Kiriyama-Sensei’s plan to turn Japan into a country where police officers will kill criminals without hesitation. To prove this to the public and the rest of the police force he made moves to install NPS as a task force and used Masaki as way to undermine their ability to save hostages AND capture criminals without resorting to harming them significantly or worse, killing them. The episode starts off with Ichigo waking up at his mother’s restaurant after being knocked out by Masaki out the front.

Episode 10

Masaki puts the plan he was given through its paces. They have a bunch of Japanese politicians as hostages and SAT gets sent out to save them and clear out all the bad guys. The unfortunate thing, and SAT doesn’t really realise this until it’s almost too late, is that it’s all a trap to draw SAT away from the real performance. The other half of Masaki’s gang take some more civilian hostages in a theatre in the city and call the police out. Because SAT is busy at the time with the other incident Kiriyama-Sensei uses it as an opportunity to insist they should send out NPS to take care of the situation – even though it’s very obvious that NPS will be severely outnumbered and it will be extremely difficult for them to save all the hostages and capture all the terrorists without killing anybody.

Saigo no Keikan Episode 10

NPS ships out to the theatre and everything is going well for start of their operation, they funnel sleeping gas into the theatre to put Masaki’s goons(and the hostages with them) to sleep. After that they infiltrate the theatre from below and capture all the terrorists and save all the hostages. I was pretty impressed by this approach, they managed to get everyone out without too much effort. But after this is where everything started going down hill. Masaki’s right hand man(the Chinese guy who can’t speak English or Japanese very well) ends up tricking Captain Kashii and capturing him, then forces him to give fake orders to everybody. Half way through giving the orders Kashii screams and tells everyone that it’s a trap but it’s too late and Hayata and Furuhashi get shot up pretty badly in the process. Kashii also gets smacked around for disobeying the terrorist.

Episode 10

Everything is looking pretty dim at this point. Ichigo is holding down the perimeter for himself, Iruma and Hayata but he’s using a make-shift shield again(wow this is like his trademark) and Furuhashi, Kajio and Pointer have hit the deck but above their heads is getting pretty much sprayed with bullets. It all looks like its only going to be a matter of time before everyone in NPS is killed. Masaki even comes out of his hiding spot to kill Ichigo personally and then suddenly it happens. SAT rushes into the scene and cleans up all of the terrorists in almost one fell swoop. Kiriyama finds out about this and is absolutely furious that Captain Nakamaru has purposely disobeyed his orders (that he had only really relayed with passive aggressiveness). Another SAT group rushes into where Captain Kashii is but he’s already managed to get the upper-hand on the terrorists by that time. Masaki is pretty surprised too because he was told it would just be NPS conducting the operation.


From here on the operation switches modes into an NPS/SAT collaboration, with the end goal of capturing Masaki alive. Ichigo and Soga team up and rush to go and find Masaki. They eventually manage to chase him down but Soga gets there before Ichigo and Masaki surprises him, shoots him in the leg and pushes him down onto the ground. He tries to reason with Soga saying that they both have the same goal of making sure criminals are killed and not captured. Soga disagrees with him saying that even if their ideals are the same, the way they chose to pursue them is completely different. By this point Ichigo has come into vision too.

Saigo no Keikan

He has a gun with him and Soga is begging him to shoot Masaki but he lowers the gun and says that he can’t, because he’s bad at aiming guns and he might accidentally kill Masaki(don’t all officers get shooting training?). He drops the gun and tells Masaki to come at him, but as Masaki is running towards him he kicks the gun to Soga, who grabs it and shoots Masaki in the shoulder. Ichigo manages to get the upper-hand and king hits Masaki in the face. Masaki is adamant about not being captured though and he pulls out a grenade and throws it to where Soga is so Ichigo has to run over and save him, giving Masaki a chance to run off.

Saigo no Keikan

So in the end Ichigo and Soga come out of the whole incident alive. Masaki disappears completely and Kiriyama has no clue where he is, but right at the end his lacky starts smiling as if he’s behind something else. Ichigo has to spend like a month in hospital after all of it but he eventually he returns home alive like he promised Yuzuru. Everything ends happily for now. Pretty much exactly the way that it started.

I was kind of surprised that everything would end the way it did. I thought maybe there’d be some kind of tragic event to finish things off that would shake Ichigo or Soga’s core values but if anything the bond between them only became stronger. The ending was a little bit underwhelming but if you watched the episode all of the way through you would have seen the short announcement that the series is going to have its own movie that will be released in 2015. Right from the start of the series I thought the content might have been better suited to a movie so I was pretty happy to see the announcement. Too bad we’re going to have to wait until 2015 to see what happens next, I thought maybe there’d be a second season or something instead. If you’ve got anything to say about the final for S ~Saigo no Keikan~ feel free to comment below.

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