New Season of GTO confirmed, Ken Iizuka as director.

Great Teacher Onizuka

A couple of weeks ago it was confirmed that there is going to be a second season for the re-make of hit drama “Great Teacher Onizuka”(2012), based off a classic manga by the same name. A few days ago it was also confirmed that Ken Iizuka would be made director for the new season. You may not know Iizuka just from his name but he’s been directing since 2003(at age 22) making his director début with hit movie “Summer Nude“. He was also the director for the live-action movie and drama for Arakawa Under the Bridge in 2012 and has been involved in a range of other works. His next work, a movie called “Otona Drop” is going to be released tomorrow. This will however be Iizuka’s first attempt at a nation-wide, prime-time regular drama and his first time working with AKIRA from EXILE who will be playing the lead in the new drama season(no surprises there though). Current information pins the airing of season two of GTO at July this year and it’ll be on Fuji TV again with a time-slot somewhere between 7 and 11pm.

Source: Oricon

3 thoughts on “New Season of GTO confirmed, Ken Iizuka as director.

  1. I remember GTO best as a wonderful drama of Sorimachi Takashi. [1998]. Matsushima Nanako was in it as well, and, surprise, a 16 year old Oguri Shun, short and skinny. Sorimachi was wonderful in his earlier dramas. He was in Beach Boys the year before, and a few years later in Toshiie to Matsu, where in my view he was the best Nobunaga I have seen.

    But I am reluctant to see the remake.

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