Sekai De IchiBan Tsuyoku Naritai Episode 1 screening.

So Sekai De Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai(“I want to be the strongest in the World!”) isn’t going to start broadcasting on Tokyo MX until 10/6/2013 and that’s a fair way away in the scheme of things. But there’s going to be an event at next month on the 26th at Tokyo’s Yakult Hall where the first episode will be premiere before anywhere else. The event will also feature a range of special guests, who I suppose will talk on stage? Who knows. Tickets the event cost 2500yen so if you’re in Japan why not? I hadn’t heard of this series until a couple of weeks ago but wow it looks extremely erotic. The story follows a former Idol Group Center-girl who leaves her Idol lifestyle to pursue female pro-wrestling instead – sounds promising right?

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