SHARK 2nd Season.


The last episode of SHARK, a rock band drama from this season, aired last night. I don’t think a lot of people were watching it, there weren’t even Japanese RAW subtitles for it but I was watching it every week and wrote about it once during its running. I actually really liked SHARK, all the episodes were relatively short and the cast was full of Kansai Johnny’s members but it was pretty interesting overall and the music in it was really good. I was particularly moved by one of the songs at the end of the first episode. Anyway you can read what I wrote about it a couple of months ago here. I’m actually writing about SHARK today to report that there’s going to be a second season coming out from April 19 on NTV. It’ll be getting the same time slot that it already had too(24:50 ~ 25:20 Saturday nights). Judging from what is written on the official site for the second season it’s about another band called Cloud 5 that is having issues and is on the brink of breaking up – but is then saved by SHARK(who are from the same label as them). Those are all the details that I’ve been able to find so far, and even though it isn’t much to go on I’ll definitely be watching the new season when it comes out next month. Hopefully season two will be more popular than season one.

Image and Source: NTV.

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