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Another new Nihon TV drama came out this week, it’s called SHARK and it’s going to be airing on Saturday nights from 12:50pm(Sunday Morning). When I originally saw the name for this drama I didn’t know what I’d actually be in for. The word ‘shark’ just made me imagine some kind of beach-related drama but it’s still Winter in Japan at the moment so I guess I wasn’t thinking too logically at the time. It’s actually a drama about a rock-band named SHARK.

SHARK is a 5-member indies band that is gaining massive popularity and coming very close to making its major debut with the (fictional) record label “Wonder Record”. A girl from the company, Rio, goes to see SHARK live one night and her pessimistic attitude about music and how it affects listeners changed completely. She fell in love with SHARK’s music. From what I gathered of the flashbacks stealing Rio’s heart is what got SHARK its foot in the door with Wonder Record and lead to Rio being the employee in charge of SHARK and their major debut.

Before the major debut Rio shows Kazuki, the leader of the band, what the company wants SHARK to debut with. He doesn’t like what she shows him and seems pretty mad about it, saying that the he doesn’t want to sell his soul for a recording contract and that if thats what it takes to make a major debut then the band would be better off not making a debut at all. In the end he convinces Rio to wait just a little bit longer, because SHARK is working on a new song and he says that its going to be great. She agrees to this. When the song is made he gives the CD to her and she listens to it and is really moved by it. She shows it to her superior too and he gives it his okay.


After this, she calls Kazuki to meet him so she can give him the news that they can debut with the new song. On his way to meet her he gets in a accident on his motorbike and dies on the same night. For the next year the band is put through a pretty hard period, without ever actually making their major debut. They do manage to not break up despite all of it though. The lead guitarist, Kai, starts doing vocals for the band as well as guitar. Kai pretty much spends the next year ‘protecting’ the band. While Kai isn’t horrible at singing he isn’t amazing at it either so the charm that SHARK once had before the accident is gone. Rio’s superior says that if SHARK ever wants to make a major debut they have to find a new vocalist.


One day Rio asks Kai to do guest vocals for another band named ‘BLACK DOG’ at a party and he agrees to it. The band at the party actually just recently parted ways with their own vocalist because he had a horrible attitude and they had lost the patience to deal with him – that’s why they needed Kai to do guest vocals. When they’re just about to start playing the dumped vocalist of the band, Mizuki, rushes in and makes a scene. He wants to sing instead but the other members aren’t interested at all and won’t play. But Kai starts playing the lead guitar part and him and Mizuki start performing, the other members see this and start playing too – and it turns out really, really good. Rio is watching from the crowd and is stunned, she approaches the stage and tells Mizuki she has fallen in love with his voice and that she wants him to be the new vocalist for SHARK.

Sho Hirano

The acting at the start of the drama was really, really bad. I was actually surprised at how bad it was. This continued pretty much until the scene where Kazuki dies and then the acting and the story itself really actually started to get good. I honestly almost stopped watching it during the first 10 minutes but I’m glad I made my way through the because the remaining 14 or so were great. The music parts are really well performed too, I suppose it’s because the cast is mostly made up of Johnny’s Jr. members and they’re always good at singing and dancing(maybe not so much acting though, haha). Anyone else checked this one out yet? I Googled it in Japanese and English and not a lot came up for either language.

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